Monday, August 11, 2008

Pocono Mountain Film Festival

Good news for me, folks! Finally. You see, I've been working on a screenplay for a little while now. I finished it and entered it at the Pocono Mountain Film Festival this year and to my surprise ....WE WON! That's right, I'm an official award winning screenplay writer.

I'll tell you what, the formatting of a screenplay is hell compared to writing short story or novel but I managed it and managed to impress the judges. Hey, that leaves me with some offers too. A TV pilot for one thing.

TV suits me just fine. It falls within the style that I like to write, but aside from that , the festival founder is going to help me get one of my novels published. Well I'm frigging thrilled to no end.

Okay, bragging session over for the time being.

Check out the board at Russell Crowe Fan Fiction within the next couple of days for some interesting updates.

Stay Tuned.


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