Saturday, August 30, 2008

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction updates

Wow, what an update. It took me near all day and I still have some stuff to load onto the site but I'm under the gun time wise as my pc will be out of service for the next few days.
Anyway, lets get the show on the road
We have a couple of new writers on RCFF this go round and we have some new and classic stuff from our established authors.
I've listed by author, alphabetically, as I always do.

First we have one of our new writers on RCFF .... She's prolific and we sure love that! Without further ado let me introduce ....

Atonia Walpole

The Captain's House New!
A Jack Aubrey love story spanning 186 years across time

A Cold October New!
Coming soon!!! This multi character original piece should be up within the week and I'll be sure to announce it.

Beej has another chapter in one of our favorite series so don't forget to check it out.

To Have and To Hold

In Sickness and In Health

Happy Anniversary New!

I'm next, being a B.

The Police Blotter An on going Bud White story E book New! chapters
The Eleventh By Bridgid New!
This story came about on another board. It was not my initial idea but I flew with it and here are the results. The Eleventh was later turned into a screenplay that won "Best Screenplay" at the Pocono Mountains Film Festival. I mused Steve but ultimately made him my own character.
The Eleventh, the screenplay by Bridgid

RCFF is proud to continue Darcy's Angel and the Badman series. We'll be putting more chapters up this week.

Angel and the Badman
An intriguing story revolving around the relationship and adventures Cort and Blanche by Darcy
E book Index new chapter New! chapters
For those of you who have not read Vengeance, don't let it get away.
Vengeance by Darcy New!
A wonderful and heart wrenching story set during the civil war. Must read.
And one more piece by Darcy, a classic Jeff.
Charley's Song by Darcy New!
This is such a sweet story with some unexpected happenings. If your a fan of Jeff and his dad or not you are sure to enjoy reading Charley's song.

Diz is back with an Aubrey tale that I really enjoyed.
The Cabin by Diz New!
This tale made my heart flutter. Jack, a beautiful stowaway, my my my. Enjoy.

Welcome Jo (finally) to RCFF and boy are we glad she is sharing with us. Be sure to check out Jo's page and check it often as it will update the moment she sends her stuff along to me.
Ebook : Marshall Sinclair New!

This has to be Jo's signature piece. Readers beware, you won't be able to put this down.

Ebook : Ben Wade, The Hand of God New!

Jo's RCFF Page!

Layne Richards is another new author on our site and she sure knows how to start things off with a bang. Read on and you'll know what I mean.
There is no doubt, you will hear Ben's voice in this tale. A woman named Lacey Miller offers him whisky and comfort. Read on.

Part 1 and 2 are up
New Leaf, Same Tree by Layne Richards New!
Part 1 and 2 are up
What would you do if Richie Roberts offered you a ride home?

And last but surely not least is one of my favorite pieces by Scarlet. Don't pass this up folk but have a box of kleenex handy.

The call came at 3:10 New!
This heartbreaking Bud story will leave you thinking for a long time.

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