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We have a surprise for you this month. RCFF is opening a new community on our fiction site. We'd like to invite you to THE GLEN!

The Glen is a new community where you can relax with your favorite Crowe Character, first come first serve on that bit, and write to your hearts content about your interaction with him and the other residents. The Glen stories will be published on the site as you submit them. They will be updated several times a week. We will not announce them with our regular fiction updates so be sure to come back and check often

Here's the ground rules.

!. The guys don't really know they are film characters.

2. They don't know they look alike (can't really explain that but it is fiction)

3. There is no alternative universe nor is it a magical place. It's a real community (so to speak) in NSW Australia. It's located in the north of NSW about thirty minutes from the coast.
4. One girl to one guy. If you want to switch characters its fine but you must write a break up. All parties involved must agree. For instance if Beej and Bridgid wanted to change blokes, we'd break up with our respective fellows and then ....well you get it eh?

5. No slash unless you are writing Jeff

6. All characters must be of age. You can write sex to your hearts content but your character must be an adult (over 18)

7. Put a warning in the header of all explicit stories please.

8. Make all requests for characters to Beej at It is first come first serve so the timing of your email will determine which character you get. Please make a second choice just to be safe.

8. At this time Beej is paired with Max Skinner as Ceridwen, Bridgid is teamed up with Jack Aubrey, M is with Terry and Marie is with Bud. John Nash has been claimed by Beth, Ben by Liana and of course Maximus is with Joimus

9. You may have two characters but this is only after everyone has claimed their first.

10. You can co-write with other authors if you choose or you can write stand alone. You may do both and interaction is encouraged.

11. Have fun!

Now for the update...

We have a new writer this week who is sharing some of her older fiction with us, Welcome Illaria to RCFF. Please check out her Maximus stories. We're sure you'll enjoy them.

Atonia has given us several intriguing pieces.

The House of Four seasons, an ongoing multi character tale.
A Cold Day in October, an original character story
The Dream, A Sheriff of Nottingham fantasy
The Priest and the Whore, the story of Cort and a young woman of less than perfect virtue.

Beej has submitted Hansel and Gretel. You have to read this Terry story to believe it.

Darcy and Layne have given us a Ben Wade Interlude, A Night in Savannah.. Hot hot hot.

Darcy's Angel and the Badman continues

Jo's page will be updated. Be sure to visit LibrisCrowe. Hey, Jo, give us a gallery!

Layne has sent New Leaf Same Tree, part 2 with Richie Roberts. She sure has this character down pat but even more so she's captured Ben Wade in her next installment of Unexpected Opportunity.

Marie S. has sent her latest chapter of Come to Me, titled A Place Known but Unknown. SID can be a pain in the ..well...Bud shows up so everything will be fine, right? There's one more chapter after this edge of seat installment. We can't wait.

Be sure to check out Atonia and Diz's photo galleries and please send us your pix if you'd like one of your own. We're happy to display your faves, and don't forget that you don't need to be a writer to have your own gallery page..

That's not really all, folks...there will be an additional update when we can load the rest of the new stories!
Thanks for reading and playing at RCFF.

Marie (in alphabetical order as always!)

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