Thursday, October 02, 2008


Bridget O. Davis Author Filmmaker Retsis

Some of you know that I've been commissioned to write the screenplay for this book. We go into production in November.

The Director is Ron Mandola --from California The Film Company / Production Company is Red White and Blue. They have done work for Clint Eastwood and other noted producers.

The budget is small at a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and I don't have release information yet but if anyone wants a copy of the book, it can be purchased at the above link. This of course is an independent film. it will be listed on IMDB within the next couple of weeks and updated as info becomes available. Release dates and festivals are pending via the distributor. Bridget is a wonderful writer and I am proud to be attached to this project. Thanks to her and Bernie I've landed quite a bit of work.

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B aka Linda A. Smith ( I write under my real name, LOL)

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