Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Extra! Extra! The Glen News is up

Hello Dear Readers,

There's quite a bit going on at the Glen Today. Andy makes his debut in town after accepting a ride from Richie Robers (who was out on a special errand). He applies for a job. Guess where?

Maximus and Joimus have Captain Aubrey and his Lady Bridgid over for dinner. Its a nice occasion with a little revelation for one of them.

Richie Roberts hangs his shingle in town and its one more business to add to this blooming burg.

Speaking of businesses, Colleen and I have a new/old printing press. I sure hope you can read this news. Wish us luck so we can bring you all the news that's fit to print.

Here's your headlines:

November 24th 2008

Toni and Richie

Opening the Door

Joimus and Maximus with Jack and Bridgid

Satisfaction is a Good Thing

Cal and Colleen

I Love Trouble

Lucy and Andy (with a little bit of Steve)

Andy Gets a Ride

See you all soon at the Glen,


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