Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update Time

This week at Russell Crowe Fan Fiction we have several new stories. Without furter ado, here they are

Purple Riding Hood and Ben Wolf - a twisted fairy tale

Toni and Richie
Sometimes Life (how Toni Met Richie)
A prequel to their Glen story

Family Ties - Maximus
Fighting the Cold - Maximus

Price of Freedom 11 thru 15 + epilogue - Terry

A Visit from SID
Part 1 and 2
Part 3, 4 and 5

Assitance Gratefully Accepted a Jeff story.

Richie Roberts 6.7


And, at the Glen...Things are really hopping. We've got some new folks moving in.

Welcome Bud and Marie, Ashley and Lachlan, Lucy and Andy, Cal and Colleen, as new Glen residents. Stories are updated several times a week so keep an eye on the "Daily News" page. Make sure you don't miss a single episode.


Watch this space. Next time, Cal will be giving a short update about everything that went on during the week. It's all interesting folks! The Glen is turning into a boomtown.

B, Beej, Maire and M

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