Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Updates on Russell Crowe Fan Fiction..YAY

Wow, talk about busy bee's, we've been at it again over at RCFF and have some new stuff for your enjoyment.
First of all there's news at The Glen...Scarlet has arrived in her introductory story - All I Want To DoToni and Richie have their second story - A New Life (check out what Richie is worried about)
We have two new poems up this week...The Lost Dr. Suess Poem - I Love My Job, posted by MarieLost in the World of Fan Fiction by Atonia

B has a lovely John Biebe story up, with a tiny bit of Max Skinner thrown in for good measure, called A Little Bit of Mysteryand I found an early Terry story from her in my files, called Found, so that's up too.

We've started a picture gallery for Meggie, hope you like our choices for you, Meggie And there are updates to the author's pages as well, check out Atonia's and Layne's

Finally, we're getting more music files all the time, so don't forget to have a look and listen to what we have so far, and if you have a particular song you might like on your author page that is different from the one we may have posted on the music page, let us know and we'll see if we have in on file for you.Hopefully we haven't missed anything, but check out the site just in case

B, Beej, M and Marie

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