Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why do I BLOG about Russell Crowe?

Let's face it, if I were not a Russell Crowe fan I wouldn't have a blog called "Russell Crowe". Stands to reason, right?

Luckily my husband thinks he's a brilliant actor too, but the old man, as I lovingly call him, has enough brains to know that there's no viable threat to our wedded bliss from his wife's healthy fantasy. As a matter of fact he's reaped the benefits of it on occasion. He sure looks good in that old British Navel Captains uniform we found on EBAY.

Okay, fairs fair so I have donned a red wig and sang Viva Las Vegas for him too. I think he makes a better Aubrey then I do a Rusty Martin ala Ann Margaret though. I can't get that little hip shimmy that she did down. I think I'm still stuck on the washing machine spin cycle. (that's a story for a different day"

Did I just give our age away? Yep. Been married to the guy for nearly thirty years and I sure as heck wouldn't trade him in for anyone.

He still holds my hand in public. He still touches my leg when he sits down beside me and he still tells me that my meatloaf is better than his moms even though I know he's just trying to make me feel good with that last bit. Even I tend to look before I leap into that ketchup covered mass of meat all hand mixed with Alton Brown's suggestion of the day. Hey Iron Chef, bring it on, baby!

As for the subject of this blog, Mister today's news I found out a load of stuff like, he refuses to wear tights for "Nottingham". Refuses? I saw that interview and he did his research. Tights were not invented at the time of Sir Robert. eh? Makes sense to me. Just because Erroll Flynn pulled it off doesn't mean it was accurate. I may have a second thought regarding "Robin Hood, Men in Tights" though. The Mel Brooks vehicle had to be well researched because Mister Brooks was Yogurt in Spaceballs and he knew everything. The Farce was with him!

Sorry, if you are not a fan of Mel Brooks then I'm sure I have you totally confused. (I'm so fwiggin tired)

(Rest in Peace dear Madeline Kahn)

I used to blog strange stuff like this......

I stepped outside this evening, parked my arse on the railing of my porch and lit up a Newport. You know, I had one of those reflective moments , thinking on about how quiet my small town really is. I mean since Hooters airlines pulled out as a carrier at the local airport nary a jet passes over head. No more flying tits. I can hear the crickets, the glorious hum of a transformer, cats fucking somewhere and I'm not sure but I think there's a burglary in progress down the road. The alarm sounds like Jayne Mansfield in The Girl Can't Help It. Its ten forty PM and the trains on time. Canadian Pacific just roared through and rattled the ash off my fag. Damn it they never taste right after you relight them. That big row of diesels just woke the neighbors sprog up too. Now we have a two part harmony with one hell of a rhythm section. Rumble rumble, hum, wooo, waaaaa. Shit didn't Bjork copyright this maelstrom?

What ever happened to my creativity?

It's alive and kicking in these times as I breach the Galleria gates of Hollywood. Did ya'll know that some men out there wear white pants even when they are not on the golf course?

..and you ask why I fantasize about a real man named Russell Crowe? Okay, not him per say but Jack Aubrey, Bud White, Terry Thorne, John Biebe and yes even Max Skinner. Love Max Skinner. Then there's mmmmmmMaximus. (Can't quite say it as sultry as Lucilla did)

Hubs and I will not be shopping on EBAY for white pants in the near future. He's a real man too though I may try to get him into one of those goofy hats that Errol wore as Robin. That was kinda cute.

Why do I BLOG about Russell Crowe? Because he's a real man who brings a bunch of great characters to life IMHO. He's the quintessential actor of our time. Thanks, Rusty, for not wearing tights or white pants...... because you know what's real.

...okay, there is one exception.....

Wear white britches when in character...PLEASE! I love em.
(thanks to Phoenix and JD for the beautiful pic of Jack Aubrey)
(Most of this is tongue in cheek and if anyone calls my agent, I'll be pretty cheesed off!)

btw...visit some of my and some others writers character fantasies at (shameless plug)

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