Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Afternoon Lab RatsDouble goodies for you today. We have the main RCFF update for you, and also there's a new Homepage pic over at ATCF for you to perve on.First of all the update.
We have a brand new Terry story from Beej:
Terry has been keeping a secret from Henry. When he finds out will it damage the father/son bond they have, or strengthen it?
Bridgid has been very busy and has given us five additions this week:
Jodi is standing in line in the bank waiting to cash her pay cheque when three masked men burst in. During the ensuing chaos she manages to get hold of a gun and shoots one of the bad guys. She is taken hostage and bundled into a car...the driver of which is one Colin O'Brien!
Just when you thought we'd lost Max Skinner at the end of A Day in the Life, there's good news. CPR from a paramedic pulls him back from the brink...but he finds out he's no longer in France with Fanny!We also have three more chapters in the story of Steve and Millie following The Eleventh. Check them out to find that it wasn't a sad end for them after all...
Elise is up next with the final part of her Ben Wade story:
Will Ben and Justice finally find peace? Read the gripping conclusion to this fascinating story.
We have two more submissions from Ilaria this week:
Someone has purchased maximus from Proximo. Will his hatred for his new owner change when he discoveres their identity, and how will it affect his plans for vengance?
Maximus is finally home and leading a quiet life on his farm. On a visit to Emerita Augusta he visits an inn where he is drawn to the graceful veiled cook. Will she accept his invitation to spend some time with him?
Kaz is back this week with a new Terry story:
Dino invites Terry hunting with an old special forces buddy, but it isn't an elk that wanders into his rifle sights.
For all you Ben Wade fans, we have another treat for you, the next chapter from Michelle:
Hollander pays Alice a visit at her spread, and takes Mason along with him. Mark and Alice both recognise him as Ben Wade, Will they spill the beans to Hollander or keep the information to themselves?
Finally, the latest Homepage pic, and thanks again to Jo for allowing me to make the changes for your enjoyment:
That's all for this time. Hopefully nothing has been missed and all the links work. If anyone finds a broken link, please let us know, and it will be the fault of Beej's dreaded throat infection (cough, cough)
B, Beej, Marie and M

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