Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years edition of the "Glen Times"

It's hard to believe that this is our last update for 2008, isn't it? It's been a couple of days since we've got one out but everyone is really busy this time of year. Well, we have one for you now so here goes.

Bud plays PI as his lovely wife tries to do the shopping. See hiow things go in this touching little segment of love and concern. Two words that seem to fit when you talk about Bud White and his lovely wife Marie.

Cindy has a surprise for Kim and he has one to offer as well. Could it be the holiday spirit or could it be something in the eggnog? Read on to find out.

Bridgid and Jack go out for a sail. It's what they do best with one exception. The first chapter of this multi part story may leave you wondering.

Jimmy Braddock is a magnificent man. You'll be able to tell in a short but heartfelt installment as he shows Ivy some sincere consideration.

Max and Bron with Ceri and Ed prepare to go on their holiday to Sydney. After and early departure from the wedding festivities its up up and away they go. Max sparred nothing for the group, providing a private jet , four star accommodations and brilliant company. It may be a bit much for Ed to handle right now. We shall see.

East is discovered sleeping in Maximus' stable. It scares the heck out of him until he finds out just what kind of man his 'host' is. Brekkie at Joimus' table is his gift for Christmas this year and he couldn't ask for anything more.

Sid picks up his date for the wedding but they encounter a little speed bump along the way. His name is Cal. Oh that's me. Hah, I'll show him who's the best man, aside from Jim that is.

December 31st 2008

Marie and Bud White
Trying but Lying

Cindy and Kim Barrett
Something in the Eggnog?

Bridgid and Jack Aubrey
Prickly and Hard to Eradicate

Ivy and Jim Braddock
Some Consideration

Ceri and Max Skinner with Bron and Ed
Early Departure
Up Up and Away

East Driscoll with Maximus and Joimus
The Foundling

Toni and Richie's Wedding

Colleen and Sid with Cal
The Wedding Date

Happy New Year everyone. Here's hoping your lives are full of good health and love for the upcoming year.

Cheers to all and thank you for following our adventures at the Glen. We've got so much more to look forward too in 2009.

Raise your glass, sing Auld Lang Syne then toast your old friends and your new ones.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed and played along to make ATCF, RCFF, LibrisCrowe and the Glen a success this year. May our next year be even more fun filled and successful.

Happy New Year.


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