Sunday, December 28, 2008

The daily "Glen Times" is here

Who is that man with Colleen? I have to get this sorted out. He's wearing Armani and he drove up in that expensive little extension of his...
Never mind. I'll get this figured out in tomorrows issue. Tonight we have some other interesting stuff for you to read..and let us begin with...

You may think its that girl from Titanic but it's not. Her name is Julie and her house is in Sir Roberts path.

Andy and Lucy conjure something sweet up in the kitchen .

Jimmy Braddock is back in town, thank goodness. Just in the nick of time too.

The boarding house has some business on a busy day. Who is Miss Peeg , anyway?

And, Richie and Toni's wedding begins. Enjoy the festivities as they begin with tonight's "Glen Times"

December 27th 2008
Sir Robert Tornham and Julie St. John
Two Recluses in a Wood
Lucy and Andy
Cooking up a Wedding
Ivy and James Braddock
Toni and Richie (Introducing Miss Peeg)
That’s Miss Peeg, Thank You!

Richie and Toni's Wedding Begins
The Wedding Day
And so they were Married

There will be more of the wedding for you to read in tomorrows issue and then some. For now, this Cal saying Good night and good luck.
It sounded good in the movies.


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