Thursday, December 25, 2008

Early edition of the "Glen Times"

Hello Angels,

Pay no attention to me. I just wanted to see what it was like to be Bosley for a minute.
We're getting things done early tonight so I can hit the rack. I'm full, tired and in need of a good back rub. Like that's going to happen.

Maybe next year.

Anyway, we have a nice update for you today. We have two Christmas stories that have something in common. You'll have to read them to find out what that is of course but I'm sure you'll enjoy both. Alistair is always a joy and since Christmas is for kids, Brookie has to get a visit from Santa.

On our regular updates, Jim gets a dose of what Jersey has to offer in December. That four letter word...SNOW.
In the follow up to it, Ivy has a rather uncomfortable moment with Gena. She passes on a bit of news about Jim too.

Last but surely not least we have another new resident at the Glen. His name is Kim Barry and for those of us who know him, he's being his typical self. He hires a new girl to work in his dry goods story. See how Cindy works out.

The town is really growing. We have a grocery, dry goods, garage, bakery, theater, docs office, therapist on the way and lots more businesses. As Jack Aubrey will be running for mayor of The Glen, we'll have to see if anyone decides to give him some competition.
Here's your links, Angels, enjoy.

December 25th 2008

Christmas Stories

Steve, Millie and Brook
Good Tidings, Toys and other Things

Reverend Alistair Harris
A Golden Christmas Morning

Regular update stories.

Ivy and James Braddock
Exit Strategy

Ivy with Toni and Gena Stanley
Uncomfortable Conversations

Cindy and Kim Barry
Now I'm the Boss



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