Thursday, December 18, 2008

Glent Times-Extra Thick Issue

Here's the Times for tonight. Sorry we're late but it's a big issue.


So, lets get started.

Rambling and Revelation

Missing Jimmy, Ivy Braddock goes for a walk around the Glen. Who should she run into but Sid, who's just dying to give her some information about her husband.

Fact Checking

Ivy Braddock asked me to get some info for her on Jim. I don't really like getting in the middle of something between husband and wife. But Ivy's such a sweet lady. Maybe just this once...

A Place In the Mill

Reverend Alistair Harris fondly remembers his old life, then concentrates on the new. Deciding that the gardens at the mill could use some new life themselves, he heads for Joimus' nursery. Wonder who he'll meet there?

Ahnna and the Greenery

There's yet another new resident in the Glen--part-time at least. Visit Joimus' new greenhouse, Rose Hill Greenery, for all your landscaping needs. And when you do, say hello to Ahnna, who'll be helping run the greenhouse.

Moving On...

There's a new plumber in the Glen. That's right, Jeff Mitchell has joined us. He's not too sure about staying yet, so be sure to make him really welcome. Good plumbers and good friends are hard to find-especially in one package!

A Touch of Tears

Reverend Harris visits the greenhouse. He's searching for iris, but what he finds is a quite different species.

Suddenly An Ocean

Reverend Harris is touched, heart and soul, by what he finds in Joimus' greenhouse.

Push and Pull

Ben's a very happy man when his first horses arrive at the ranch. Horses he's used to. But can he get used to having a wife? And can Liana deal with his ambivalence?

I Gallop On, and On

Bridgid confides in Maximus regarding her relationship with Jack. Is Jack trying to be too protective of his Siren?

On a final note, we've posted some more of Toni and Richie's cards. Take a look when you get a chance.

December 17th, 2008

Sid and Ivy

Rambling Revelation

Ivy and Cal

Fact Checking

Reverend Alistair Harris

A Place in the Mill

Joimus and Ahnna

Ahnna and the Greenery

Kate and Colin

Meeting the Locals

Jeff Mitchell

Moving on

Ahana and Reverend Harris

Touch of Tears

Suddenly an Ocean

Liana and Ben Wade

Push and Pull

B, Maximus and Jack

I Gallop On , and On

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