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Reverend Alistair Harris

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As so many of the Libris writers are also writing at the Glen, a fictional community set in New South Wales, I want to make a page here for it to attract further attention to it. If you like stories you find here on Libriscrowe, the Glen is an excellent place to visit and find further works by lots of the same authors and to read the works of those you may not have met yet.

The premise of the Glen is that in some way or other, all of Russell's characters have come there to live, to work, to love, to interact with each other. There is a town center with small businesses, like Steve's boarding house, Colin's garage, Max's bank, Braddock's grocery store, etc. with outlying ones like Maximus' stables and riding school. They're all there from Arthur and Jeff to Ben Wade and Ed Hoffman. Each author has chosen the look of the home and business her particular character (s) is involved with.

For me, as I'm writing Maximus with his Joimus there, they have an old English home they had shipped over from the UK piece by piece. Sid, whom I also write, has constructed a modern thing that doesn't fit in at all! Ben Wade lives in a glorious log home, Aubrey and his Bridgid in a lovely English cottage. There is a special page with pictures (see links below) of all the homes and other buildings (click on thumbnails to enlarge). I've invented a new character just for the Glen...Reverend Alistair Harris, an English widower who lives in this mill:

So, if you'd like to meet him as well as reading the continuing adventures and inter-relationships of your favorite
characters, you are cordially invited to drop in at the Glen at your earliest convenience. The welcome mat is out!!!




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