Monday, December 22, 2008

Supposed Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott Feud

Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott feuding? This rumor is raging like a California wildfire this morning. And I refuse to believe a word of it, unless one of the two players involved steps up and says something directly.

The mamor source seems to be the New York Post, which ran a story this morning in Page Six titled "Director Stresses Out Crowe". Supposedly, Russell wants to get Ridley fired from "Nottingham" because he blames Ridley for "Body of Lies" (their last collaboration) receiving poor reviews from some critics.

Also, according to a direct quote in the same article:

"Ridley is the only one who is willing to stand up to Russell and tell him he's too fat and that he can't show up four hours late to the set," said one source. "He [Russell] wants someone he can control."

If even one-tenth of the rumors written about Russell were true, the man would be doing fourteen films a year and would have thrown a telephone at at least half the people in Hollywood!
The Post didn't even get the plot of "Nottimgham" right, so why believe anything else?

Russell and Ridley have a long-standing friendship and both have commented often about how well they work together. I'm not buying this one unless one of them comes forward and confirms it.

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Bridgid said...

Thats shit with a capital BULL.

The New York Post must be groping for news so they have to make it up.

Since they are so good at fiction, maybe we should recruit writers from there for our fan fic site.

Uh, nevermind. I don't want to lower the quality of the site or detract from the writers who are there and know how to concoct a good story.