Monday, December 22, 2008

Latest Edition of The Glen Times

I hope you don't mind if I cut to the chase today. Colleen and I ate at home tonight and I had a rather large supper. I'm feeling kind of groggy after all of that food.

I've known her for a long time but never realized what a good cook she was. She's full of surprises. Might make some man lucky some day, don't you think?

Anyway, here's what we've prepared for you tonight.

Summer In the City

Bron's excited over Ceri and Max's invitation to spend Christmas in Sydney, but Ed's not so sure. Maybe he'd rather spend the holidays at home.

For Crying Out Loud

Will Toni and Richie's houseguest's finally drive Toni bonkers before the wedding? Or will Richie find a way to help her cope? Alcohol and a bathtub could be involved!

Hando Moves Her In

Marce is moving in! Do she and Hando have enough in common to make things work?

Soul Searching

Liana discovers the church and Reverend Alistair Harris. Maybe he'll be the one to help her understand Ben and her feelings for him.

Requiring Assistance

Ivy finds out about Jimmy's boxing match. Will she reach him before he goes into the ring?

Joined By a Common Language

Jack has an ulterior motive for falling off his horse. And Bridgid suggests a new use for his hat. Will Jack take her advice?

A Standard of Blue

The title has a double meaning. Ahnna gets to know The Good Reverend a little better. No sense crying over a spilt pot.

December 21st 2008

Bron and Ed

Summer In The City

Toni and Richie

For Crying Out Loud

Marce and Hando

Hando Moves Her In

Ivy and Jim Braddock

Requiring Assistance

Alistair, Liana and Ben Wade

Soul Searching

Bridgid and Jack

Joined by a Common Language

Ahnna, Alistair with Joimus and Maximus

A Standard of Blue

Thanks to Layne for the blurbs and staying up late... and thanks to Beej for her enduring help with the site upload. Thanks to all of you for giving us such great stuff to publish.

So there you have it. I can assure you that we'll have more tomorrow night. Something is going on at Richies office and John Biebe is on the job and do you reckon Jack and B will finally get to the shagging bit of their story? I sure hope so. I'm feeling a little needy and reading is better than nothing.

so..toodleloo for now,


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