Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I saw Twilight last night. I really wasn't expecting much. I thought it would only play well to the tween girls. I do like vampire films if they're done well. This was not bad. It had enough vampire lore to make it interesting. Added some new ideas like vampires being outside during daylight hours which would make them more formidable and invincible.

Since the story really revolves around a romance the chemistry between the two leads is very important. Edward and Bella had a definite pull to one another. I wanted to know more about the other vampires in the 'Cullen' family and the rogue vampires, but there wasn't too much character development there. I don't know if there was more in the book or not. I haven't read any in the Twilight series. Let's just say it intrigued me enough to perhaps read it.

Beautiful settings and scenery from the Pacific Northwest. And it helped the vampires hide in the open. I'd give the film a B or B-. Slightly above average.

If you want to see a vampire film more intriguing in theaters right now Let the Right One In is a Swedish film about a 12 year old vampire and a neighbor boy who is subjected to school bullies and becomes her friend. Most definitely more violent and bloody than Twilight too. I'd give it the same B or B- rating but you remember it far longer than the beauty of the vampires in Twilight. It is in Swedish with subtitles.

BTW, last post for Slumdog Millionaire I knew there was one more film I wanted to mention as a must see this year. It was The Visitor with Richard Jenkins. Another great small movie. Completely character driven. So if the Academy members haven't seen them...Slumdog Millionaire, The Visitor, In Bruges and Iron Man. Those were the four best I've seen this year so far...


Layne said...

Thanks, Marie. I liked the book a lot, but I haven't been too worked up about seeing it at the theater. I'll probably wait for the DVD.

Bridgid said...

I have not had a chance to read it yet but this is a great review, Marie. Thank you. I'd like to see the film