Saturday, January 03, 2009

First Glen Times of 2009

Hoh boy. Are you all headache free after the New Year celebrations? I think I'm doing fine thank's to Colleen's special hangover remedy. It had some stuff in it I wouldn't normally touch but it did beat back the morning afters.

So anyway. Our cub reporter, Layne has written some of the blurbs for the update tonight and she's done a stellar job of it. I have to say some things though cause you know me.
1. Julie and Sir Robert have some interaction here. A trifecta as a matter of fact and its great reading.
2. I want some of what Bridgid had
3. Jason Morgan is in for a rude awakening.
4. Is anyone more in love than the Braddocks?
With that said, here are your links. Have a little hair of the dog and enjoy. By the way, I really hate it when you find dog hairs in your soup. In my house growing up we referred to them as canine condiments.

January 2nd, 2009

Sir Robert and Julie St. John

Unattended and Yet Found

Sir Robert becomes Julie's Knight in Shining Armor.

The Possibilities of Tea

Now that she's found her knight can Julie get him to stay?

Creative Sentences

Sir Robert and Julie bathe together but not in the same house. Shame that. Will they end up at the same abode for a spot of tea?

Bridgid and Jack

Testudo Aubreii!

After Jack leaves her on the island, Bridgid is rescued by--Jack! Or is it Jack?

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan, You Devil

The Glen's newest arrival is Bridgid's brother, but he doesn't find his sister at home.

Ivy and Jimmy Braddock

Midnight Contemplations

Ivy awakes to see the full scope of the result of Jimmy's injuries. There is a cure and its love, but in the words of Leonard Cohen, There ain't no cure for love.

That's it for tonight. I'm sure there will be more on the way tomorrow. Thanks for reading and to all you revelers out there, Colleen will be happy to pass on a copy of her old Irish hangover cure.



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