Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Your Glen Times Right Here!

Talk about a slow news night. Blame me. I have a story for you but you'll have to hang on just a little bit while I polish it up. I figure you won't mind too much. It'll be worth the wait. I promise.

We may have a short issue tonight but its certainly worth reading.

Andy's Christmas gift to Lucy may not be all wrapped up with a pretty bow but I don't think she's complaining. Hers back to him is equally wonderful. How come I didn't get one of those for Christmas?

In our second and final story for the night, Jack and Bridgid uncover something. It's probably more substantial then Bridgid leads us to believe. Read on to see what that means.

Poor Jason!

We'll have more for you tomorrow. Thank's again to Layne for the blurbs and blogs. I'm going to start calling her Miss B and B.

Speaking of B's, Beej has worked her fingers to the bone on the site update which will be announced tomorrow. I'll just call her the Queen of the Buttons.

Inside joke there!

Thanks to all for their submissions and helping hands.

Here's your links and no, Jeffrey, you cannot hit golf balls on them! I'll see you at the 19th hole for a scotch and soda.

January 11th 2009

Andy and Lucy

Add Love

Andy and Lucy finally exchange Christmas gifts. And were they ever worth waiting for!

Bridgid, Jack and Jason

Singing in the Shower

Jack and Bridgid come home from the New Year's eve party to find a big surprise waiting for them. And, whoops! Did Jack say something he didn't mean to say just yet?

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