Sunday, January 11, 2009

Open Season On Crowe

I've been confounded over the past few days in trying to figure out just what it is the entertainment press gets out of bashing Russell Crowe.

Has he assaulted each and every one of them personally? Has he taken some of their jobs away by being a major star who likes to remain private, thereby depriving some of them of making a living by preventing them from getting more pictures and gossip on himself and his family? Did he insult their grandmothers? What???

Whatever their reasons, they are getting really out of hand where Russell Crowe is concerned. The verbal attacks on this one man have been so numerous and vicious over the past few days that it boggles the mind. Even those bastions of journalistic junk known as the entertainment rags should be ashamed of themselves for spewing the kind of vitriolic filth they have been passing off as "news".

That's why I was so happy to read Colin Boyd's take on things over at "Get The Big Picture".

Rumor Patrol: Crowe Not Ruining 'Nottingham'

Thank you very much, Mr. Boyd, for being a voice of reason amidst all this insanity. Perhaps people will listen to you. When we Crowe fans try to make such reasonable and logical points as you make, we merely get the same treatment as Russell himself. Verbal attacks and name-calling.

Not that we mind. We do tend to be a loud and loyal bunch overall. But it is nice to see someone else throw some truth into the rumor mill every now and then.

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