Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Glen Times" Delivered on Time

You only have to suffer with me one more night. Cal's up and about. He's able to type but his voice sounds a bit croaky. Honestly he is about as useful as goose crap on a pump handle when he is feeling ill but by the same token he can be demanding. I'll give you all of the details soon.

On with the show. We've got all kinds of adventure for you including a walkabout, a new resident and a tin of something I'm going to try to steal.

Russ as richie.jpg

Toni and Richie are on the first leg of their honeymoon, sort of ..but those legs are pretty damn sore.


Johnny Ryan makes his debut at the Glen. He blows into town, literally. In the second installment he considers staying around. With guns like the ones he has, he surely could swing a hammer. That blokes got some nice arms.

For Jim and Ivy, its St. Nick and old lace, old fashioned Irish lace cookies that is.

Have I said how much I love Arthur? Sir, yes, sir? His first day on the job is off to a very formal start. Well, as formal as you can be in a garage.

Here's the links:

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That's it for now. With everyone having some kind of affliction , things have been slow but they'll pick up before you know it. May as well catch up while you can.



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