Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Personal Recommendation from Bridgid

I love fan fiction and I really love when someone comes up with something I can't put down. This story is just one example of it.

This particular story is on LibrisCrowe, a site that belongs to my good friend Jo. It's titled LIFELINE and written by Bailey.

Ten chapters may seem like a lot of reading but it moves so well you hardly notice. It left me wanting more. It's a love/hate thing when it happens. I enjoy the story so much that reading it is pure pleasure but when the end comes I say...damn!

If you get a chance, weather you are a fan of Hando or not, read this. He's not quite the same as he was in the film. Things change. This story moves at the speed of light.

We plugged it earlier on this blog but I'm giving it a personal thumbs up. Let us know what you think of it. Bailey sure is a wonderful writers.

Good work on the picture by Jo as well. Enjoy!



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