Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Glen Times" Hurry up before the neighbors grab your paper!

Howdy all! Your friendly neighborhood snoop here. Okay, I've not been looking in the medicine cabinet at Joimus and Maximus' home. Yep we were there and you'll see some stuff coming up on the Community page but for now I'd like to get today's issue summarized for you.

We start out with a wonderful trilogy of chapters from Alistair and Ahnna. She confesses something to him and it brings on a story, a very interesting story that will surely leave you thinking.

Toni and Richie gives us a little glimpse as to what their honeymoon was like. Okay, we're not voyeurs. Close the door when you're done reading.

Then you can open the one on the Stanley family. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but not for Gena. She's on the move. See how Michael feels about it. Can you say...C'est la vie?

Hando is a major prick. Yep there you go. I know this is a family paper but he sure did hurt Marce with his poop. I did vindicate myself with that last bit, right?

Last but surely not least we have a bit from Cindy and Kim Barrett. That man is full of surprises and Cindy's little lad sure is a cutie. I know, that doesn't sound the kind of word a guy would use but I'm secure enough.

Anyone seen Colleen? Is she off at that funny smelling man's house? I bet he's making a quiche or something like that. Strange bird that he is. I bet he snooped in the Meridus' medicine cabinet. They should have filled it with marbles.

Okay, in the words of PT Barnum...there a sucker..OH wait..wrong words. The correct ones would be 'On with the show'

January 5th, 2008 argh!! 2009

Reverend Alistair Harris and Ahnna

The Knapsack Part 1

Ahnna carries a secret that weighs down her life. Can Alistair help her lighten the load?

The Knapsack Part 2

Alistair continues his story. Will it help ease Ahnna's pain?

The Knapsack Part 3

Alistair's story concludes at midnight on New Year's Eve. Will it be an end or a beginning?

Toni and Richie

The Bridal Suite

Richie and Toni's wedding night. That says it all, doesn't it?

Toni and Richie With Gena, Carol, Jude and Michael Stanley

Sunday's Bombshell

Toni's mum is leaving. Why is her dad taking it so well?

Marce and Hando

Marce Visits Hando in Jail

Is there really more to Hando than most people see? And will Marce stick around to find out?

Cindy and Kim Barrett

Settling In

Kim Barrett might not ever get her name right. But something about Cindy and her son Jake is getting to Kim. Or is it just some sort of disorder?

"Blurbs are Us" by Layne. Thanks for the wordage, girl!

Hey, all, come back again when you can stay. That doesn't mean for you to read this issue in the bathroom.



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