Tuesday, January 06, 2009

RCFF Updates


G'Day Folks

It's that time of the week again. I hope you've all recovered from New Year's Eve and are ready get your teeth into some longer stories...

We start this week with some more fun from Bridgid, continuing her tale of Steve, Millie and the adorable little Brooklyn:

Rude Awakening

Steve and Millie seem to be remembering a little about their past and are slowly working out who they are...but the main thing on Steve's mind right now is WHERE they are!

Guilty as Sin

Jury duty...a terrorist...Judge Judy...just what is going on with Steve??

Stranger Than Friction

Steve finally meets his maker....no, not THAT maker...let's let Bridgid explain it all...

Next up, two more stories from Ilaria about our favourite General who became a slave, slave who became a gladiator, gladiator who defied an emperor...can you tell who it is yet??


This story takes us bac k to the time when Maximus and Selene first come into each other's lives.

The Bravest Champion

Maximus has been bought by Lucilla and taken to safety at her villa. Will his rescue prevent him from exacting revenge on Commodus?

We have the next chapter in Michelle's gripping Ben Wade story for you this week:

Beyond Contention part 4

Joshua Mason comes across William and Mark on the trail and helps them guide the cattle back to the Evans spread. Along the way, he tells William something about Hollander that the boy would rather not have heard. How will Alice react when she finds out?

Once again, please let us know if you find any links that take you to mysterios places. They should all be okay, but Misty was determined to help out yesterday.

Also, now that the holidays are over, hopefully we'll be seeing moresubmissions from you for the main board as well as for the Glen. The new submissions email will be going live soon (hint, hint to B), but until then, the submissions for the main site can be sent to bejayroles@yahoo.co.uk (hopefully by the middle of this week I'll have my new eamil addy for you all to forget LOL).

Happy reading Lab Rats,

B, Beej, Marie and M