Monday, January 12, 2009

RCFF Update

Afternoon, Lab RatsIt's been another busy week on RCFF. Not only is the Glen rocking, but the stories for the main site keep rolling in.
Thanks ladies for all your submissions.First up this week, lets all give a big welcome to Amy, joining us with her first submission. Amy has given us a very interesting original character screenplay:
Next up is Atonia. Despite have a broken ankle, Atonia has been busy writing on her new laptop and we have two stories from her this week:
Lyn has broken her ankle and is spending the summer with her sister and brother in law at their house on the lake. Who is the mysterious man in the house on the other said of the lake, and what will Lyn's reaction be when he comes calling...
Robert has left the home he shared with his beloved wife and has bought a house on a small island. He just wants to be left alone, but will his meeting with a close neighbour change all that?
Bridgid has another chapter in the strange new life of Max Skinner for us:


Sleepless in Philadelphia

Max has found out something very disconcerting about himself. How will he take the revalation?

A new character for Elise this week with the first chapter of a story about our favourite LA cop:


The Victory

Bud is back on the job in LA after his split with Lynn. Ed seems to have developed a sense of humour while Bud's been away...why.. .he's arranged for Bud to stay at The Victory Motel

As usual, we have two wonderful Maximus stories from Ilaria again this week:



A man near death is saved by the words of a prophesy and rises to become a great leader waging a battle against those who tried to destroy his world. Into this world he has wrought for himself, from the ashes of his old life comes a woman from his past...


The young tribune, Maximus Decimus Meridius is fortunate to spend time with the much soiught after Golden Kyria, a mysterious lady who entertains men of her choosing, but never reveals her face to them. How will their encounters change both their futures.

Layne made the update by the skin of her teeth this week. Thanks for going all out to get the chapter finished for us, Layne. We have chapter six of her delightful Richie story:


New Leaf, Same Tree part 6

Is the job getting in the way of Richie's love life, or is he getting cold feet about his budding relationship with Jess. Will all the stress cause him to go back to his old ways?

Last but by no means least, we have the next chapter in Michelle's excellent Ben Wade story.


Beyond Contention, chapter five: Gluttony

'Joshua' arrives at the Evans spread with the boys and gets invited to share their evening meal, over which they learn a bit more about the man formerly known as Ben Wade.

Thanks for looking and remember the Glen updates occur nearly every day so keep your reading glasses handy.
Beej, Bridgid, Layne, Marie and M

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