Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Colleen Brings You the Glen Times

I know you are all used to Cal's wonderful wit but he's flat on his back with the flu tonight. He's been feeling kind of sluggish for a week now and I guess it just hit him. I promise to take good care of him. They're so helpless when they're sick.

We have a pretty big issue tonight. First off I'd like to officially announce that one of our Glen families is having a child. Lachlan and Ashely Curry will become proud parents in the months to come.

Ivy's sending out her holiday cards in our first story. There seems to be something missing from the stack and she explains it all to Jim.

Our preggers couple are up next and it seems Lachlan feels he is handling his future father duties properly. His heart sure is in the right place.

Our favorite plumber has some good news to share. You'll see what that is but does he realize that Millie is preggers? He may soon. Welcome to the neighborhood Jeff.

Kate and Colin have something to argue about. I mean someone, no something. Oh whatever but I don't think SID's a bad guy. I'm siding with Kate.

The next story will tell you exactly why I'm editing the paper tonight instead of Cal. My poor baby. Did I just say that?

On to Ben and Liana Wade. His new ranch manager shows up. I get the feeling Ben missed him and something else. Maybe it's just a feeling.

Toni and Richie join us tonight. Let me tell you this. Gardening can be good therapy, so can TV and going to a game would work but I want to meet a doc like Richie.

Miss Peeg and her niece Amanda are on the prowl. Like auntie like niece, or so I've heard. Amanda has an idea for a business.

That's your issue for tonight. I'm headed back upstairs to take care of Cal now. Maybe I'll run by Millie's to get him some chicken soup first. I heard it was good for what ails.


January 12th, 2009

Ivy and Jimmy Braddock

Ivy and Jim discuss family. Including one member who didn't approve of their marriage.


Ashley and Lachlan Curry

Lach arranges a surprise for Ashley while she sleeps. Will she appreciate it? And him?

What's an Extra Stone or Two?

Jeff Mitchell

There's some news for Jeff Mitchell in the latest post. But he's afraid to open it to find out if it's good or bad!

A Ripper of a Day

Kate and Colin

One of the other Glen residents causes a major fight between Colin and Kate after the New Year's Eve party. Will they make up?

After the Party

Colleen and Cal

Cal has caught a thing or two.


Liana and Ben Wade

Dan Evans arrives at the ranch.

Talking Business

Toni and Richie

Richie shows Toni the light

A Little Therapy

Miss Peeg and Amanda

Does she really think no one watches Brookie?

An Enterprising Young Woman

As Cal would say, We'll see you soon with the next issue of the "Glen Times"



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