Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome Back, Jo!

We'd like to extend a hearty and heartfelt "Welcome Back" to Jo over at Libriscrowe. Jo was recently injured and had to undergo surgery and she was very greatly missed by all! She's sort of our resident "court jester" and keeps us all in stitches.

Her recovery is being helped along by her own personal favorite character, General Maximus. So, here's a little something to help your recovery along, Jo!


Jo's very prolific. In addition to maintaining her own site at Libriscrowe, in the Glen she writes Joimus and Maximus, Sid 6.7, Sir Robert Tornham and Julie, and the new original character Alistair Harris. Hope I haven't left anybody out here!

So, as a welcome back, I'm going to provide links here to some of Jo's popular fan fiction stories over at Libriscrowe. Welcome back, Jo! We missed ya!

The Nanocorp Series

Terrific series of stories featuring Sid 6.7, Cort, Maximus and others.

Jo's Famous Epis

Jo's epis boggle the mind. Literally. Hilarious stories with all of Russell's characters and a few more thrown in for good measure!

The Cavern of Deep Harmony

A fantastic original character based on Russell, Marshall Sinclair, delights everyone that reads about him.

The Hand of God

This wonderfully written Ben Wade story is my own personal favorite of Jo's, even if I do love giving her a hard time about the ending!

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Bridgid said...

It's great to have you back, JO!