Monday, January 26, 2009

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update for Jan. 26

G'Day Folks

Gosh, it's been another hectic week both at The Glen and here on the main site. We are very proud to announce that we have some wonderful work from a new author this week. Trisha joins us. Some of you may remember her from the old Gaslight site, and she also runs The Moonlight Hotel site (the link is up on our links page). So let's give a warm welcome to Trisha. I know you're going to enjoy her stories.

So as usual, the newest additions are listed in alpahbetical order, just to show you that I can actually spell big words sometimes LOL...

First up, we have Atonia, with two stories this week:

The Healing of Robert Kinston

Robbie is settling in on the island, and is drawn to one of the locals. Is he going to berak the emotional wall she's built around herself?


On The Edge

Part one of a new Alex Ross story. Alex stops at the side of the road for a 'comfort' break. Walking back to his car he spots a beautiful woman. What's she doing in the middle of nowhere?


Next up is Bridgid. This week we are continuing the journey of Max Skinner in his new life:


Carpe Diem

Max has left Mara and she's having trouble believing that he was nothing more than a figment of her imagination. There's an incident at work, and her partner, Perez, is convinced it's down to Max. Meanwhile in NYC, Max is missing Mara and calls the station to try to speak to her, but doesn't get the response he was hoping for...


Max arrives at Mara's only to find she's no longer there. He meets a brick wall at the station, but Perez finally relents and tells him everything that's happened while he's been gone. The news sees Max jumping on a flight to Sydney of all places.

Elise is back with the second chapter in her revamped Bud White story:

The Victory 2

Bud is promoted to homicide and feels useful for the first time in his police career. He also realises that he would like to get to know Ginny a bit better.

We have another great Maximus story from Ilaria this week:

The Sarcophagus

While drawing a picture of the final resting place of an unknown Roman General in the Palazzo Massimo, the young artist is joined ny a mysterious stranger in a wine red tunic, who tells her an intriguing story.


The next chapter of Jo's poignant Terry story is up this week:

A Thorne Remaining 6

Allie is quite comfortable in the knowledge that Terry's spirit is there with her at Thorneton, but terry is still getting used to 'this ghost business'.


For all you Ben Wade fans (and you know who you are). We have chapter 7 of Michelles wonderful story:

Beyond Contention 7 - Wrath

The boys return to the spread and witness the aftermath of Hollander's visit. Will sets out to exact revenge. Meanwhile, Joshua is on the smae mission. Who will find Hollander first, and what will be the outcome?

How are you enjoying Stacey's oc story, My Island? Well, here's chapter three for your entertainment:

My Island 3

The two castaways are fit enough to leave the hospital. How are they going to carry on their lives in the 'real world' after so long?


Taffey has another delightful Jack Aubrey story for us this week:

The Tea Party

Lt. Aubrey, a tea party, and a fly. A dangerous combination to be sure.

Now we come to our new writer, Trisha. Sorry, Trish, you get to be on the bottom this week, but only because of where you name comes on the list :-). I think everyone will thoroughly enjoy this VERY different hando story:
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Charlie and Nell

The quiet young man comes into the fruit shop every morning, and always buys the same thing...oranges. He seems nervous, never making eye contact. Nell, the owner, is determined to find out more about the stranger.

Alrighty, folks. That's just about it for this week. Cal will keep you going during the week with the Glen updates, and I'll be back next weekend with the main site stories :-)

Bridgid, Beej, Marie and M

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