Monday, January 26, 2009

Short "Glen Times" Edition

How bout a nice little issue of the "Times" tonight? Since we're in the midst of a party I figured I'd go easy on you tonight.


You know, I wonder what the girls see in that Hando guy. Marce seems to have it for him. She seems to have his number too.

New Years eve seems like it was a long time ago but actually its fresh in the mind of everyone at the Glen. Joimus and Maximus do a little cleaning up after the big bash in this gentle little tale with their friends Jack and B.

I went easy on you all tonight but the big site announcements will be posted tomorrow. There's another new writer up at RCFF this week. There will be plenty of reading and I think we may break our stride and have a Glen update as well. Stay tuned.

Here's your story links:

January 25th, 2009

Marce and Hando

Hando meets his Match

Joimus and Maximus with Jack and B

There's got to be a Morning After

I know I promised to tall you what happened between Colleen and I. Don't worry, I'm working on it. Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day. For now, it may be my turn to tend to her.


See you all tomorrow with the next issue of the "Glen Times"



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