Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cal Brings You the "Glen Times"

Hello Glen residents and readers. Have you missed me? I'm doing much better now.

Colleen and I will tell you all what happened soon and I'm sure you'll be as entertained as I was. She called me by my full name, Callum. Said no one else can do that but her and my mother.

It feels good to be back on my feet, that's for sure.

Let's cut to the chase.


Jeff is going to stay at the Glen. Good thing as you never know when you're going to need a plumber.

He's really going to make our Max-a-million happy with his deposit too, when he makes the transfer. Wait till you see what he does with it. Ceri and Bron get the news first.

Tori and Tom are prepared to settle too. Guess where? I'm singing that Divine Miss M song now 'and you got to have friends'.

Liana plans to do some gardening today but there's some digging in the dirt to be done and it doesn't include planting flowers. She's prepared to talk to Dan about it.

Marce wants her man home and she's prepared to go to bat for him. She gets help from Siobhan, maybe a little more than she expects.

Finally, East Driscoll spends a quiet moment doing what he does best, whispering to a horse.

Follow the links to read the latest stories from our lovely little hamlet in the Glen.

January 23rd, 2009

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I'm sure by now you've all got your invite to the Australia day barbie. Hope to see you there. We'll still be doing the site updates this weekend as usual so get your reading glasses out and be ready to read all of the stories at RCFF and the Glen

Thanks for reading and thanks to all of you for the get well wishes. Most of all, thanks to Colleen for the tea, sympathy and warm place to put my head

Who loves you, baby?


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