Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Glen Times Double Issue

G'day everyone. I'm sounding more and more like an Aussie every day, you think?

We have another big issue for you tonight so on with it.

The "No Girls Allowed" round robin is up finally. Thanks to everyone who played, and thanks to Stacey for keeping the doc.

Johnny bare close.jpeg

In story one, Johnny comes marching home, sort of. It's to Amanda's room instead of his. See what Miss Peeg thinks.

Ed and Bron have a little convo about his, um, performance. I'll quote her, 'There may be snow on the roof but there's fire in the boiler'. How 'bout that?

Max and Ceri get a 'safe' delivery. The bank is starting to shape up nicely.

Ivy tells Jim what's on her mind, but she's not sure he agrees. Mixed signals maybe, or just Jim being Jim?

Jeff Mitchell gets his game on, and the gear it takes to play.

Sid takes Kate on a shopping spree. Sydney's finest stores get a boost by the time these two are done. Clothes and gems are just flowing like water.

Bridgid is all out to sea about Jack. She's on her knees to get him home.

Lets talk about Joe Sweeney. Better yet, lets not..that slimy snake of a man. You'll see what I mean.

Hando gets home to find the place empty. It worries him enough to call the sheriff.

Ben Viade...I mean Wade enlists the help of one Miss Peeg to assist with a surprise for Liana. She's pretty sharp but, so is he. There's some mutual "checking out' going on in this tale.


Jan and Tee go out for the day. There's something odd about him by this reporters reckoning. Thank goodness for Jan to get him taken care of proper, haircut and all.

The second story brings things more to light when he talks to his uncle Travis.

For Tori and Tom, balls of fortune may not mean what you think. Lucky Lucky girl!

And that is it for tonight. We'll be doing the next update on Sunday after the site update, so take your time and write on.

February 19th, 2009

No Girls Allowed Round Robin

Johnny Ryan, Miss Peeg and Amanda

Johnny's Nurse

Ed and Bron

I Love You Because

Max and Ceri

Money Makes the World Go Round

Ivy and Jim Braddock

Bringing up the Subject Part 2

Jeff Mitchell

All Work and no Play

SID and Kate

Giving her the World

Jack and Bridgid

Homeward Bound

Joe Sweeney




Ben Wade and Miss Peeg


Jan and Tee

Jan and Tee go Shopping

Travis and Tee

A Heart to Heart

Tom and Tori

Balls of Fortune

Now that tired me right out. My butt is sore and I think I deserve a massage. Wait until I tell you how good Colleen is at that.

Thanks to Layne for the Blogs and the tea and sympathy. Get well Stacey and thanks to all of our dedicated writers and readers at the Glen

See you Sunday,



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