Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Glen Times for February 9th

Hi Everyone. We have several announcements and a very big issue of the Glen Times for you this evening.


First off. We have a new Be Mine Page for Valentines Day. If you would like to send a card or gift to that special someone, just let me know and I'll forward it on for you.

Second off, we have another new resident by the name of Emma Barclay and there's an interesting announcement tonight from a certain Captain Aubrey. You'll have to read to find out.

Our first story introduced Emma, the new resident. Not only does she show up but she snags one heck of an eligible bachelor while she is at it.

Nick Russell spends some time alone, thinking about another time when he was alone. He has a very interesting mind but sometime that is the basis for talent. I hear he has quite a bit of talent.

Marce gets Hando to promise something. Did anyone ever think they's see him wrapped around a little finger? Well maybe he isn't quite whipped...yet.

Colin puts an end to something but it leaves him in a sad state. It's totally over.

Cindy unveils something about herself to Kim. Her honestly brings him to a realization and they share a little more than talk. Just a little.


Hando fulfils his promise to Marce. He goes into Coffs to take care of the damage but he encounters something he didn'treckon and so does Miss Peeg. It's a learning experience for both.

Bridgid and Jack talk about her new business in Coffs. It won't be long before she makes an announcement but he decides to make one first.

Jess and Dom do some hunting and they finally find exactly what they are looking for.

Ivy and Jim have some tension between them right now. It gets a bit worse when Ivy drops a bomb on the champ.

Johnny eyesup.jpg

Johnny Ryan makes it home after the night out with the boys, almost. He manages to break something and take something. Hearts and legs, not necessarily in that order. Amanda and her Auntie, Miss Peeg help out.

That all she wrote for this issue. We'll be back soon. Here's your links.

February 9th, 2009

Emma Barclay and Jason Morgan

We see the beginning of the Jason Morgan and Emma Barclay story. And it works up to a very interesting point tonight!

The Arrival

Nick Russell

Newest resident Nick Russell begins his life at the Glen. But will he be able to settle in?

Solitary Confinement

Marce and Hando

Marce has Hando out of jail and home. And she's asking him for promises.

She's got Him

Kate and Colin

Looks like this might really be the end for Colin and Kate.

Saying Goodbye

Cindy and Kim Barrett

During a romantic walk along the beach, Kim Barrett finds out about Cindy's past.

Moonlight Confessions

Miss Peeg, Hando and Richie

This is one of those titles that just says it all! Hando and Miss Peeg don't quite know what to make of each other. But Hando is trying to make some amends with Richie.

Miss Peeg Meets Hando

Bridgid and Jack Aubrey

Bridgid calls Jack out on something he said awhile back. And Jack takes out an ad in the Glen Times!

The Announcement

Jessamine and Dom

Dom and Jess are house-hunting, but every place they see has something wrong. Will they find what they want, or are they in for some major compromising?

A Place to Call Home

Ivy and Jim Braddock

It's time for a serious talk between Ivy and Jim Braddock. Will they stay in the Glen?

Bringing up the Subject

Miss Peeg, Amanda and Johnny Ryan

After Boys' Night Out, Johnny Ryan has a little accident getting back to his room at the tavern. Who should turn up to help him but Amanda and Miss Peeg!

Johnny Came Tumbling Down

We hope you've enjoyed this issue of the times. Thanks to our staff and writers. We're hiring some new reporters soon. Since our circulation is up, we need them.

Thanks to Layne for the blogs and blurbs and a shout out to Stacey..watch out for those arachnids, girl!

Until next time,



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