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Glen Times Saturday Edition Jan. 31

Tomorrow is St. Brigid's day. How bout that? It's Superbowl Sunday in the States too so it may be quiet for a while.

That'll be a change.

You all know that I'm from Pittsburgh, right? GRIN

Okay, I'll get to the point.

First off we have the Australia Day RR up now. Make sure you grab a drink and settle in before you read. It's great and thanks to Stacey for compiling it.

Johnny eyesup.jpg

In our first story, Johnny Ryan settles in. Someone spots him too. Maybe she's smitten already.

Kate and Colin have a rather polite dinner guest over for the evening. Sid is ever the gentlemen when the need calls for it but there is something going on under the table. Oh boy!

In the follow up to the dinner, Kate and Colin have a bit of a spat over her actions. I honestly feel sorry for this guy but stuff happens.

Max Skinner sees some success. Did you expect anything less from him? Ceri is as pleased as punch that her banker husband is on his way to the top. Look out Trump!

Liana continues explaining to Dan exactly why she is in love with an outlaw. We could call it Divine Intervention in a way but read on and you'll understand.

Next we have another new resident at the Glen. Meet Abby Campbell. She hales from Dallas, Texas and she's found our little town. Let's see if she settles in.

That's it for now dear readers. We'll have more on tap for you as usual but for now enjoy the on going stories of the residents of "The Glen"

January 31st, 2009

Australia Day Round Robin

The Australia Day celebration in the Glen! Almost everyone was there. And boy did some interesting things happen!

Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan finds a place to lay his head. And hopefully someone to listen when he talks.

Out in the World

Kate and Colin with Sid

Guess who's coming to dinner with Kate and Colin? Hint: It's a Sidney, but his last name's not Poitier.

The Dinner Guest

Kate and Colin

The talk at Kate and Colin's dinner table was nothing compared to the talk that comes afterward!

After Dinner Conversation

Ceri and Max Skinner

Max and Ceri are opening another new business in the Glen. This one might help with some of the residents' financial needs.

Max Branches Out

Liana Wade and Dan Evans

Liana continues her conversation with Dan Evans. Will he finally understand her feelings for Ben?

The Answer, Part 2

Abby Campbell

Abby Campbell discovers the Glen. Will she stay?

As Good a Place as Any

Blurbs and Blogs by Layne! Thanks, love.

That's it for now. There's some great reading here so take your time and catch up with our adventures in the Glen. There's always more on the way because let's face it, Oh-bla-di Oh-bla-da life goes on!



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