Sunday, February 01, 2009

Great New RCFF Updates

Man are we smokin' or what? Another busy week on the main site, and everyone at The Glen is getting over the fantastic Australia Day bash that Steve and Millie put on for all the ressies. I think some of them got more than a great firework display at the end of the day's festivities though .;-)

Anyway, on with this week's main update:


Atonia may be down, but she's not out. Her lime green cast is her new muse and she's been busy writing more chapters in her new Alex Ross story:

On The Edge 2

Alex wonders if it was such a good idea offering the broad a lift when he realises that they are being followed.

On The Edge 3

Alex and Lori cross the border into Mexico...but how long will they be able to stay under the radar?



Bridgid is the queen of multitasking, and as well as writing for The Glen and her 'day job' has sent the next two chapters of her Bud White epic story The Police Blotter:

Chapter 25: Halcyon

How's Lonnie coping in the lockup? Her cell mate is pretty handy with her elbows. More importantly, is Bud managing to keep it together?

Chapter 26: Trials and Tribulations

Bud has pawned everything he has and with some help from Thomas has come up with Lonnie's bail money. Their reunion is short lived though as he's called out on a job.



Here's another Ilaria story. Can we guess who the hero is...answers on a postcard!

Three Years Later part 1-7

Commodus never re-opened the games in the Colosseum, thus Proximo and his school never made the journey to Rome. A 'what if' story.

Three Years Later part 8-13

Maximus and Lydah begin their new life together, and at last for both the chance of happiness in this quiet backwater of the Empire. But the gods have not finished their sport with couple...



Jo may be sporting a baby blue cast right now, but her Terry story continues this week:

A Thorne Remaining 7

Terry is becoming more comfortable in the knowledge that Allie can feel his presence, and he finds that if he concentrates he can almost communicate with her.



Michelle's exciting Ben Wade story just keeps getting better each week:

Beyond Contention 8 - Faith

Mark is left to take care of his mother after her attack. Luckily he's not old enough to realise just what has happened. Joshua arrives back with Will. Alice's joy turns to despair when she sees the condition of her eldest son.



Are we all ready for the next portion of Stacey's original character piece?
Two new chapters this week:

My Island 4

Collin and Evie are safe on the island, but will need to find shelter.

My Island 5

Back in the present, Collin and Evie spend one more night together before reuniting with their loved ones.



Taffey is back this week. This time it's a Cort related story:

Herod Explains

Herod has a conversation with Sgt. Cantrell while they watch the rainstorm. The subject is Cort.



Hands up who loves Bud! Our second helping of Bud this week, and a wonderful tale from Trisha starting just as Bud is suspended:

Snow White 1-7

Bud has been suspended from duty. His day isn't all bad though. A pretty young woman is worried about him and approached him in the park.

Snow White 8-13

Bud returns from Arizona...without Lynn. When he asks Exley to help him with his medical insurance, Ed discovers a mysterious benefactor


Okay folks, that's about it for this week. It only remains for us to thank all our readers and writers for their continued support. We couldn't do it without you.

As usual, if you spot any broken links, let us know and we'll get back in there and fix them.

Bridgid, Beej, M and Marie


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