Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday's Glen Times Feb. 2

It was a long night, and it took a lot of work to compile but your NYE party RR is up. Thank's heaps to Marilyn for all of her hard work and thanks to the writers for playing in.

As for today's stories, first off we have a piece with Kate and Colin. Are they calling it quits? Did Sid manage to divide and conquer? My hands were over my eyes while I read this one, kind of.

Tense and tender moments are exchanged between Meggie and Jeffrey in the next bit. She's settled in her new home for the most part but is there room for him with her?

Richie and Toni are on the third leg of their honeymoon. There's something lost but there's also something gained in this part. Perhaps its a little perspective.

Tori and Tom take a tour of the Glen from our favorite resident twins, Bron and Ceri. They seem to have his number. We do need a fire brigade and an ambulance as you will see a bit later. It looks like Tori and Tom might just move in though.

Now to the reason I'm telling you all what's going on today. Yep, Cal did it again. He's such a baby sometimes. Shame on him for not spilling the beans about us. I'll get him for that.

Finally, Bridgid killed a snake. Well, at least she's being teased about it. Doc Knight comes to the rescue and luckily she has exactly what B needs. I hope the Doc has a good cleaning service.

..and this is why we need an ambulance and fire brigade at the Glen. It's coming very soon.

So Cal is fine but he's got to keep his hand clean for a bit. He can type so he'll be here tomorrow. No worries. Look! I'm starting to sound like an Aussie already.


February 2nd, 2009


Kate and Colin

Is this Goodbye?

Meggie and Jeff Wigand

In Need of Repair,Part 2

Toni and Richie

Honeymooners, Act III

Tori and Tom with Ceri and Bron

The Visit

Doc Knight and Cal

Cal's War Wound

Jack and Bridgid, Jason and Doc Knight

Keep off the Grass, Part 2

Thank's to Layne for blogging and to Stacey for her help with site edits today. Beej and I will be working on some of the graphics this week. Thanks Beej! Our staff is growing but we need each and every one to keep things going here.

That's it for now but things do keep moving in our little Hamlet, or would it be more like Brigadoon? Whatever it is, I sure like life here at the Glen.

Take care, everyone.


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