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Glen Times Update for February 22--Another Double Issue!

Whew! Lately, it seems every issue of the Glen Times has been a double issue! And I didn't think there'd be much news to cover in such a small community! Just goes to show how wrong you can be. Thanks to Cal and Colleen for hiring me and putting me to work right away. Now, if I could just find time to get out and search for a place to live! My first few days at the Glen have been so busy I barely have time to even sleep in my room at Millie's!

There's a lot of news to cover, so I'd best get started!

February 22nd, 2009

Jeffrey and Meggie have lots going on! We have three items on them tonight.

Meggie and Jeffrey

We all Fall Down

After the New Year's Eve party, these two discuss the past and the future. Will the past win out in their lives, or is the future so bright they gotta wear shades?

A Soft Place to Fall

Jeffrey takes sweet, tender care of Meggie following the Australia Day celebration. He's an absolute hero! But is being heroic always enough?

Rumor Has It

One line in an old Connie Francis song goes "Lipstick on your collar told a tale on you". This time, it's tellling Meggie a tale about Jeffrey! Is it a true story or just a fairy tale?


Bron, Ed and Toni

Ed's in Therapy

Ed has his first day in physical therapy. A relaxing whirlpool, a massage from Toni... We could all use some therapy like this! But Ed's beginning to think he needs another kind of therapy to go with it. Something that'll make him more accessible to Bron!

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Travis, Jan and Tee

Table Manners

Tee's still learning new things. With a guy like Travis to teach me, I could learn a few new things too! Sorry, Jan. No disrespect to you intended. And Travis' dad notices Joe Sweeney's back at the ranch. That, we could do without!

Ashley and Lachlan Curry

Lachlan's Surprise

Lachlan's got some wonderful surprises for Ashley. But she's got a few for him too! Both of them find they've got a lot to learn where pregnancy's concerned. 'Course, that's not really a surprise!


Andy and Max Skinner

Andy and the Banker

Speaking of having a lot to learn, Andy's got to figure out what to do with his money--more than he's ever had before in his life--and he's looking for Max Skinner to help him out. Now, that's the kind of problem I'd love to have! Cub reporters do not get rich quick!

Sir Robert and Julie St John

A Book Yet Unwritten

Julie's feeling like a character in one of her novels, with Robert as her hero. Maybe you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but man, Robert has quite a cover!

Abby Campbell

Gotta Pay the Bills

Abby, the other new reporter here, has got bills to pay just like me. And she needs to get past her past. Wait a minute... "Get past her past"? That's not right. But I do like the sound of it. And it sounds like Abby and I really do need to talk about Cal's offer to let us share the apartment he has for rent!

Abby Campbell with Colin O'Brian

Something Really Worth Celebrating

Abby's celebrating her new life in the tavern when she meets Colin, who's sort of, uh--celebrating- -his recent bad luck with Kate and everything else in life. In a weird sort of way, they seem to hit it off. Hope Abby's still available as a roommate!

John Biebe, Siobhan and Hando

Hando, Part 2

Sheriff Biebe and his deputy get a call for help from Hando. There's something amiss with Marce, but is Hando to blame?

John Nash, Millie

The Professor

Professor John Nash has an unforgettable introduction to the Glen. He came here to get away from demons, but have they followed him?

John Biebe, Siobhan and Doc Knight

A Death in the Glen

The Glen's first really tragic news. Marce has been murdered. The doc performs the post-mortem and, hopefully, will give Sheriff Biebe something to work with to catch the killer. If anyone has any information about this, please call the Sheriff's office immediately.

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Jan, Bill and Travis McGee, Joe Sweeny

A Squatter Nightmare

Bill Sweeney calls his son Travis about the murder at the lake. While Travis makes arrangements to get home quickly, Joe Sweeney lays low in the guest house.

That's all the news for today, folks. Sorry some of it is so bleak. Usually, I try to find the best in the news and make little jokes about it. But murder's no joking matter. I suppose it just goes to show you that, even in the Glen, life has it's dark side. But this is a great little community. We'll all pull together to straighten things out and make it safe again.

To our new resident, Professor Nash: Welcome, and remember that, after your shock is over, there are good, friendly people here and this is a nice place to live.


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