Sunday, February 08, 2009

Latest Glen Times Update

I know I'm late tonight. Sorry folks but the update is here!

Our first story sees Liana doing something to make Ben a bit cross. Surprises do that sometimes. He may have one for her too.

Toni and Richie are in the rehab. Not that kind of rehab the kind where a good massage is the answer to the remnants to a ride on a horse.

One of our new residents, Abby finds a place to hang her hat and in her second story she finds a place to hang around to enjoy the view. Barbara Walters is no where to be found.

Kate seals her fate with Sid. Gazing at the Southern Cross has an effect on this dynamic duo. Remind me to show Colleen the big dipper sometime. I could hope for the same steamy result.

In our final story tonight, a group of the Glen's residents go out for a ride with the anticipation of a picnic to follow. Ben exposes a side of himself to Alistair and then another side to the rest of the group. There's another surprise in the works for Liana too.
There's lots of great reading at the Glen right now and more coming on the RCFF site with the weekends updates.
Here's your links. Enjoy
February 7th, 2009

Liana and Ben Wade

Toni and Richie


Kate and Sid

Joimus, Maximus, Ben, Liana, Ahnna, Alistair, Dan and Charlie

Thank's to Stacey for helping load up the site tonight. She's doing a great job. More thanks to Layne for blogging. She'll be helping with the site updates soon too. Beej will have her hands full with the site update tomorrow so look for that coming your way very soon.

Thanks to you as well Beej.

Our staff is growing but we really need the help. Keep those stories coming everyone.

That's it for now, have a great night, all.

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