Monday, February 09, 2009

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update February 9

G'Day Folks

Is there no end to your talent? Once again you've kept us busy both on The Glen and here on the main site. It's such an honour and a pleasure to be able to host such wonderful stories...keep 'em coming, ladies :-)

First up this week, we have a brand new story from Atonia. This time, it's our favourite naval hero:


The Charleston Affair

A beautiful girl, a spy...romance, intrigue and a threatened duel. Join Jack and Stephen doing what they're best at.

More from Atonia with the continuation of her wonderful original character fiction:

The Healing of Robert Kinston
part 4 and 5

Christmas is fast approaching. How will Robbie cope during the festive season? Will Jill allow him to get closer?


Bridgid is next with the next two chapters of her fantastic Bud White story, also her delightful fractured fairy tale starring our very own Roman General:

The Police Blotter
part 27 and 28

Bud is busy working cases, but he's not abandoned his quest to prove Lonnie's innocence.


The Chronicles of the Felix Forest

Bridgid's enchanting Maximus story. Thanks to Jo for the graphics and background.


Here's another Maximus story from our friend Ilaria:


Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow

A beautiful young girl meets a handsome young officer and the age old story begins to unwind again – but the rules of love are different for imperial princesses…


Terry's back...or at least his spirit is, with chapter 8 of Jo's bittersweet story:


A Thorne Remaining

Addie hears Allie talking in her room. When she investigates, she sees something that prompts her to take her sister as far away from Thorneton as humanly possible.


I know you're all enjoying Michelle's story of a seemingly reformed Ben Wade. Here's the latest chapter:

Beyond Contention 9 - Fortitude

Will hasn't woken since Joshua removed Hollander's bullet. Sleep is said to aid healing, let's hope that's the case. Meanwhile Alice realises she is short handed and offers Joshua a job.


Things are moving along nicely in Stacey's original character tale:

My Island 6 and 7

The continuing story of Collin and Evie

Last, but by no means least, a nice short story from


His Maker Can Wait

Cort and Herod face each other in the final showdown.

That's it for this week, folks. I need to go and lay down in a dark room to computer has been playing tricks on me this morning LOL. Once again, thanks to all our readers and writers for being so loyal to us...we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Keep reading, keep writing, keep smiling.

Catch you on the flip side.

Bridgid, Beej, Marie and M

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