Thursday, February 12, 2009

Latest Glen Times Update

Howdy ya'll! (that's Texas-speak for G'Day, Mates!)
This is Abby, your new resident reporter, bringing you the latest Glen Times update. Normally, Cal has me fetching coffee and emptying trashcans around the office, but after a bit of begging and arm twisting, he finally agreed to give me a shot (Love ya, Cal! Sorry for the headlock! lol!)

Okay, so on with the news! We have another big update for ya'll tonight... first up it seems Johnny has taken a bit of a tumble, but he's in good hands with Miss Peeg and Amanda. Hmm... looks like Amanda might be falling herself.

Lucky for Johnny that the Emergency Services team of Tom and Steven were on duty. Could our little community have our own Emergency team soon? This reporter sure hopes so!

In our next story it looks like Jack has finally gone and asked those 4 little words every girl hopes to hear one day....but is it romantic enough to satisfy Bridgid? Here's hoping that she makes him squirm a bit! lol!

Next up, Arthur is preparing for his big night out with the boys, but will he ever be ready? Hey, Artie...take it from that genius self-help guru in those stylish sweaters, Stewart Smalley...You' re good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you! Hang in there, kid!
After the guests have all gone home, Ben is left tending to his mare and his thoughts. He'd shown a side of himself no one had seen before, but how will Liana handle it? Will love conquer all? The romantic in this reporter sure would like to think so!

Andy and Lucy are ready to settle for a simple, no-frills wedding, but will Toni pull a real wedding out of her hat for the happy couple?

Toni spills the beans to Richie about her generous offer. So what's she getting all Fired Up about?

Lastly, Colin has had quite the night boozing it up with the boys. Seems the poor guy wakes up a ted and confused, to say the least, and with a bit of company to boot! All this leaves the poor bloke to wonder, what just happened?

That's all the news that's fit to print! Here's your links:

February 11th, 2009

Amanda, Miss Peeg and Johnny

Johnny's fall has really made a mess of things, but Amanda's there to help him hold his head up.

Tom, Steven, Johnny and Amanda

Tom and his partner, Steve, have their first emergency pickup in the Glen--Johnny Ryan!

Bridgid and Cal

Jack's finally proposed to Bridgid! But will she take it the way he intended it?


Arthur Baskin prepares for his night out with the other single blokes of the Glen. Will he have the courage to go through with it?

Liana and Ben Wade

Ben almost killed someone at the picnic with Joimus, Maximus, Ahnna and Alistair, but Liana was able to stop him. What will the fallout mean for their relationship?

Lucy, Andy and Toni

Andy and Lucy are getting married. But will it be a wedding to remember? it will if Toni Roberts has her way!

Toni and Richie

Toni tells Richie that she's picking up the tab for Lucy and Andy's wedding. How will he take it?


It's the morning after Boys' Night Out, and Colin wakes up next to a beautiful woman. Is it Kate?

That's it for tonight's issue! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks as always to our great staff and talented group of writers - couldn't have done it without you! Thanks to Layne for the Blogs and blurbs, Stacey for the site updates, and B for all her help and guidance!

Catch ya later!

- Abby

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