Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Libriscrowe Stories

http://libriscrowe. com/libriscrowei ndex1.html

More stories are just now up on Libriscrowe:


Unreal Reality by M and Bridgid
An excellent exploration of John Nash's torment

Two new chapters to The Far Side of Exile
Chapter 5 by Sharon and Jo: Sid arrives in Australia,
looking for Cort and Rachel's daughter
Chapter 6 by Jo: shocking events conclude the
storyline, to be continued in "A Love For A Love"


Layne begins a new Ben Wade story aboard a train to
Oklahoma...The Train to Destiny

Three new sections to Bridgid's ongoing Max Skinner tale:
Sleepless in Philadelphia, wherein Max is up to something in the night
Walking On Eggshells, wherein Max's plans work out, both financial
Prada Doesn't Make Glass Slippers...a pretty woman story, then
the clock strikes midnight


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