Friday, February 13, 2009

Russell Crowe Coffs Harbour Community Centre Appeal

Thanks to NBN News, here is some further video of Russell and the Russell Crowe Coffs Harbour Community Centre Appeal. The appeal is being coordinated by Coff's Harbour City Council and has the support of many local businesses.

“It is absolutely devastating to think about the huge loss of lives and people losing family members, property and other belongings in these bushfires,” Coffs Harbour Mayor, Keith Rhoades, said.

“Some of these townships have lost everything, and with the loss of community facilities comes the loss of community as we know it.

“The rebuilding of those communities won’t be possible without assistance from communities around Australia.

"Coffs Harbour City Council has always been at the forefront to assist in circumstances such as these and we are very pleased to be able to help by coordinating this appeal on behalf of the community.”

To make a donation, go directly to the Coffs Harbour City Council website and follow the instructions there.

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