Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 13 Glen Times

Hi, Glen Residents! My name's Libby Tyler and I'm yet another new reporter at the Glen Times. The place is growing by leaps and bounds!

I just drove into town today. Thought I wouldn't be doing anything but answering phones and fetching coffee for a long time to come. Then,Mr. McCaffrey and Ms. O'Hara tell me to come up with the headlines and newsbriefs. Now! Tonight! Dammit! (Sorry. Sometimes I speak before thinking) Haven't even been to the boarding house and gotten myself a room yet!

The Valentine's page looks great. I'm envious. It's no fun getting into a new town on Valentine's Day and not having anyone to share it with.

On a slightly more serious note, it's good to know that the bushfires have been contained and that now survivors can begin to rebuild. All of us are lucky that those fires never reached the Glen. I was thinking about all that as I drove in today.

Here's your headlines for tonight. I hope they're okay, as I won't actually have a chance to start getting to know the place and people until tomorrow. Really looking forward to meeting all of you!

February 13th, 2009

Bridgid and Jack

The Rose

Mistakes, mistakes. We all make them. Bridgid's now realizing she made a whopper when she left Jack. Get back home in a hurry girl! A hunk like Jack Aubrey might not be around long!

Libby Tyler

New Cub in Town

Me! It's a news item about me! Not sure all my best qualities come out in this, but please give me the benefit of the doubt!

Hando and Miss Peeg


Hando Washes Out

Unstoppable force (Miss Peeg) meets immovable object (Hando)! There's a scuffle down at Richie's office and who will come out on top? I may be brand new here, but these two seem to be some of the most interesting characters in town so far.

Johnny Ryan and Andy


From Gloom to Swoon

For Pete's sake, what's going on at the boarding house? Lights, noise! How's anyone supposed to sleep? Andy can't, but at least he gets some good news later on. Hope the mess at the boarding house is over when I get off work. I gotta sleep there for the time being at least!

Andy, Richie and Miss Peeg


Andy Gets a Surprise

Is it just my newcomer's imagination, or does Miss Peeg seem to be in on everything in town? Andy's good news may also be good news for everyone in the Glen who eats!

Charlie Prince



This Charlie Prince is NOT a nice guy. To those of you who didn't know it before, this story'll confirm it!

Travis McGee

Travis McGee Strikes it Rich

Looks like I'm not the only brand new resident in town. Only Travis came in with a bit more money than I did, having won eighteen million in the lottery, thanks to his newfound friend, Joe Sweeney. But there are some friends a guy is better off without!

Well, there are your Glen Times headlines for February 13th. Hope I didn't butcher them too badly, or say anything I shouldn't have about anyone in town! Catch all of you later. I'm going down to the boarding house and catch a few winks! Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me!

Libby Tyle

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