Sunday, February 15, 2009

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update February 15

G'Day Folks

Is is just me, or does the week fly by for all of you as well? It doesn't seem possible that it was a weeks ago I sent the last update message out. Ah well, times flies when you're having fun, or so the old saying goes.

Okay, down to business then. We have a nice new batch of reading to keep you occupied today, so I hope you've all recovered from your romantic Valentine's Day meals with your loved ones, or the HUGE box of chocs you stuffed if you were on your own watching a DVD on the TV.

Here we go then, as usually the list is in alphabetical order, so we start with Atonia. Two stories this week to whet your appetites. First up:


On The Edge

Alex and Lori try to relax in their Mexican hotel, but our favourite stringer is anything but relaxed.

russ vv.jpg

The Healing of Robert Kinston

Robbie spends Christmas visiting his father, and he has a better time than he could have imagines was possible.


Next up is B, with a couple of stories. The first is co-written with M, and finally brings Nash to RCFF:


Unreal Reality

Can M help John rid his mind of Parcher for good? Read on to find out how she copes.


Police Blotter

Finally Bud gets a break in the case and Lonnie is reinstated with a clean record. But what is the official looking document Bud hands her?


Elise is up next, and what a treat, we have another Bud story. Here is chapter three:


The Victory

Ginny has unwelcome visitors at The Victory while she is there alone. What will Bud's reaction be when he finds them there?


Ready for Maximus? This week we have another great story from Ilaria, co-written with Steph:

The Reward

Maximus saves the life of a Roman official and receives a reward which he never expected..


Get your tissues ready. We have the final chapter in Jo's wonderful Terry story (sniff, sniff):

A Thorne Remaining

Terry is distraught knowing Allie is going to be taken from Thorneton. Will his spirit be left to wander around his empty family home for eternity?


Michelle is back with everyone's favourite outlaw:

Beyond Contention 10 - Prudence

The Evans spread gets a visit from the local law. Will Joshua be recognised?


Last, but by no means least, we have another story from Trisha:


Hando is in desperate need of medical assistance. The doctor Bubbs brings back to the squat is not what he was expecting..

Well folks, that's it for the main site update for another week. Hope you like what we have for your enjoyment, and be sure to keep checking in at The Glen. Updates there usually every other day. Don't forget to keep sending your stories in. we love hosting them for you.

Happy Reading

Bridgid, Beej, Marie and M

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