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Huge Glen Times Update! March 3rd

This is a small town, right? Let me tell you that in all my days as a newspaperman, I've never seen a small town with so much activity. I really love this place. WE broke a record with this issue.

I've had my share of ups and downs the past couple of days and while I was we say tied up, The Glen has been hopping.

I'm not going to drag the headlines out for you here but I'll give you a rundown.

The foreman at Travis' ranch, Jimmy Kelp, has found something. Evidence maybe?

Travis has found something too, guilt.

Sir Robert reminisces about the Crusades. His private reverie is brought to a sudden end by someone. Julie, Muffins and kisses , what a way to go.

Cortland Wells arrives at the Glen but how, why? He tells Maximus that he was always in the field. The mystery continues when Alistair comes to the Meridius' household to help.

If anyone could make Cort feel at home, its Joimus and Maximus with the help of Reverend Harris. Enjoy, there are eight chapters for starters.

Jack and Bridgid are back and they are being very much themselves.

Jason and Emma prepare to leave Sydney, after they take care of a little business. Since he's B's brother do you figure it might be a double wedding?

Nick Russell's wife Kelly gives us an idea of what she's all about. I'm wondering if she'll stay at the Glen.

Travis has a chat with his mum, Sarah McGee. She may not like everything she hears.

Ben Wade has some inner thoughts about , banks, murders, and weddings. Not necessarily in that order.

Thanks to Joimus, Meggie gets to meet a certain Reverend. There's something in the works that should be of help to John Nash but there is something else in this tale that helps Meggie realize something about herself.

Hando has a helping hand from Richie. Will he do what he is supposed to? Maybe Miss Peeg can help.

Marce's murderer finds himself on the run but not for long. He comes across a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Marce. Hopefully the cavalry will arrive on time before he repeats his crime.

Sid continues to woo Kate , as if she needs wooing but you know Sid. He's showing her the finer things in life. He then takes her on a journey around the world. From Calcutta to Tierra del Fuego. Fire and ice. Has anyone missed them at the Glen? They've been gone for weeks and they'll be back for sure with a surprise.

After all that, you still have this issue to read. It could take a while but you won't regret a single moment of it.

Yep, on with the show.

March 3rd, 2009

Jimmy Kelp


Our first look at Travis' foreman, Jimmy Kelp, is, unfortunately, when he discovers where Joe Sweeney has been.

The Foreman

Travis, Jimmy Kelp and Kyle




Travis, Kyle, and Jimmy make a big discovery.

The Dark Thing

Sir Robert and Julie St. John

Robert has a very clear picture of history. Or is it a picture of his past?

Along the Coastal Road

Julie makes muffins as an excuse to see Robert at breakfast. But when she does see him, the muffins will soon be forgotten!

Muffins in the Morning Dew


An eagerly-awaited resident arrives, but he has no idea where he has arrived!

Lost in a Sea of Grass

Cort and Maximus and Joimus

Maximus finds an unexpected surprise in his field. Where did this stranger come from?


Cort, Maximus, Joimus and Alistair

Can Alistair help discover the identity of the stranger in Maximus' field? Does the man himself know who he is?


The stranger may be Reverend Cortland Wells. Or maybe not.

Not as Old as Some Things

It's obvious that Reverend Cortland Wells needs some TLC. Joimus and Maximus are determined to provide it.

A Place for you to Rest

Cortland Wells gets his introduction to modern plumbing. As well as some clean clothes to wear.

One Cow Coming Up

Maximus, Joimus, and Alistair see to Cort's need for food, but what about his memory?

No Other Explanation

Maximus takes Cort shopping for some of his physical needs. Stopping at the church on the way home, it may just be that Cort has found something for his spiritual needs.

Here in this Place

Jack and Bridgid

Bridgid has at last accepted Jack's proposal. He wants their engagement to last how long?!

Lucky Jack

Jason Morgan and Emma

Jason and Emma are finally back together again. But has he tired of her already?

The New Continent

Nick Russell and Kelly

Kelly Russell will be staying in the Glen for at least a night. Is Nick Russell ready to have her around for longer than that?

Private Thoughts

Travis and Sarah McGee

252505~Helen-Mirren-Posters.jpga russ17.jpg

Travis intends to live with Tee and Jan. How will his mum take it?

A Bit Off

Ben Wade

Ben's planned a lot of robberies, but never a wedding. He has his hands full with this surprise.

Careful Planning

Meggie, Joimus, Alistair

Meggie thinks she's said goodbye to Jeffrey for good. But will a talk with Alistair give her the insight she needs to try again

Nature of Trust



Following Marce's murder, Hando's in jail, and in shock.

In a Dark Place

Hando and Miss Peeg


Hando 38.jpg

With Richie out of the office, it's up to Miss Peeg to find the missing Hando.

Will you Listen?

Biebe, Siobhan, Ahnna, Joe Sweeney (and a few others)

Has the murder in the Glen been solved?


Kate and Sid

Does Sid have real feelings for Kate? Is it even possible for him to have real feelings?

Genuinely Feeling Something

Sid certainly knows how to sweep a girl off her feet! But will he make it a permanent arrangement?

People who Live in Glass Houses

Honestly, I don't have anything else to say except thanks to Layne for the blurbs and the blogs. Thanks to our cubs, Abby and Libby for all of their tireless help and give Beej a great big cheer for the brilliant update this week.

Nice work, WRITERS! We couldn't do this without any of you.

Until next time,



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