Thursday, March 05, 2009

John Forbes Nash, Jr.

Continuing with a week of posts on "A Beautiful Mind", the above video records a meeting between director Ron Howard and Professor John Nash. It's a very interesting segment, in which Dr. Nash explains Nash Equilibrium and bargaining theories. Compared to other videos, more of the real Nash comes through, as he warms to a subject which fascinates him. You see the man and his sense of humor.

There's a wealth of information about Dr. Nash on the web. His home page is at

in the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University. His current research interests are given as logic, game theory, and cosmology and gravitation.

Other informational sites on Dr. Nash:
has an autobiography, which was written by Dr. Nash in 1994, at the time he received his Nobel Prize.

The PBS website has a page dedicated to the documentary film "A Brilliant Madness", produced in 2002. The site has information on the film, as well as further information on Nash, his family, and his studies.

The Schizophrenia Daily News Blog has a 2005 interview with John Nash, in which he talks about his illness and his work. He and his wife, Alicia, both mention Russell.

"He thinks that Russell Crowe should have won an Oscar for his portrayal of him. It was the wrong accent, and they met only once during filming, but "his performance was terrific". Alicia adds: "We just love Russell Crowe. It was a great movie, but it was fictionalised."

Wikipedia's page on Nash contains information about both the man and the movie.

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