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Glen Times April 14th

Howdy Ya'll!

Cub reporter Abby here, bringing you tonight's Glen Times Update. You'll have to excuse me if I seem a bit... um... "moody" tonight... seems my hunky mechanic is on the outs with me right now, and well, I'm still a bit broken hearted by it all. Heh... at this point, even Cal is gettin' more lovin' than me! Ugh!

Anyhoo, enough about me and my pathetic love life... on with the update...

Speaking about my wonderful, handsome, charming boss (yes, I AM talking about Cal! lol! - never hurts to suck up to the boss now, does it? )... seems he must have had his head in the clouds thinking about Colleen when he did the last update, cuz he somehow managed to leave off our first two stories tonight...

Seems Zack Grant is feeling a bit broken up about the good Reverend's accident and decides to stop by for a short visit before Alistair is released from the hospital.

Over at Glenridge Station, that pesky mischief maker is back and just look what he's done to that old cabin Sweeny was staying in. What will Travis make of all this?

It's been three Sunday's in a row since he first went into the hospital, and Alistair's feeling a bit restless. But is it too soon for him to get back up at the pulpit? Hang in there, Alistair! you'll be back to your old self soon enough, sweetie! Don't push it!

In the next several chapters, seems Cort is asked to step in at the last minute, but what happens when he begans the sermon? And why is he suddenly having those "nightmares" in the daytime? Has he finally figured out just who he really is and how he came to be in the Meridiuses wheat field?

Now, Liana told Ben No More Surprises, so why has he laid yet another one on her? Seems that smooth talkin' devil even forgot to tell her about the honeymoon he planned for the two of them. Wow! Take notes, men of the Glen! Now THAT's a honeymoon!

After what happened with that delivery driver, seems Jim is lookin' to hire a friendly, responsible person to help out over at the grocery. Any takers?

Well, well, well... seems the local politics has really captured the minds of some of our residents. First, Jack and Sid announced their candidacy for Mayor of our little town, and now the General is tossing his ring into the fire, too, and running for a different office. Heh... you got my vote, Maxi!

Now, in this next little story, me and my co-hort in crime, Libby, spend some much needed time hangin' and having a bit of girl-talk together. Geeze, what's with those men of ours, anyway, Libby?

In our last story tonight, seems someone has come forward to petition Tee's adoption. Is he really the boy's dad, or will Richie and Travis have to "shake off a snake"?

Well, that's it for tonight, folks. Here's your links...

April 14th, 2009

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ag%20talk3.jpga russ18.jpg

Shaking off Snakes

Thanks to B for uploading the site today, and all the wonderful writers and staff we have here!

Happy reading!

Oh, if any of you happen to run into my hunky mechanic, could you please put in a good word for me? Muchas Gracias!


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