Sunday, April 26, 2009

Glen Times for April 24th, 2009

Hello all, have you missed me? We have such a good crew now that its made things easy for Colleen and I.

Speaking of Colleen, she has that look on her face, doesn't she? I mean, I'm really fond of her. I don't know what I would do without her but I don't see any need to change our relationship.
Alright, sorry, folks. I'm just thinking out loud. So here's tonight's issue for you.

April 24th, 2009

John and Siobhan
John Biebe gets his ticket back and speaking of back , its looking to me like his deputy might be working from that position on occasion.

All Clear

Hando and Ursula

Hando meets a very intriguing woman by the name of Ursula Damon. She's very outspoken for sure. I wonder if he is biting off more than he can chew?

Along the Waterfront

Jeff and Stevo

Jeff gets an invitation to dinner from one of our new residents. Sweats and a few beers to go are a good start.

Dinner for Two


Kate has aspirations of being the next Jackie-O. Hm, well she certainly could afford to dress in vintage Oleg Cassini if she wanted.

First Lady Kate

Ashley and Lachlan

You know what's great about being a newlywed? You can make love, talk and plan at the same time. Not that I'd know anything about being in love but Ashley and Lachlan sure do.

Future Plans

Kim and Cara

Kim takes care of things with Cara. He's responsible for Kimberly after all but is there more to it than what meets the eye?

Kim Pays Up

Richie and Miss Peeg

Miss Peeg is as efficient as ever. The woman sure takes pride in her work. Her report on the mystery man, Wayne Cramer was missing one page but not to worry. Speaking of worry, what's with the gun in Richie's desk.

Miss Peeg's Assignment

Alex, Colin, Abby, Dwayne, Arthur

Alex Ross seems to be in the right place at the right time. You'll see why but ...this tale has a damsel in distress, a couple of knights and one curious page. Well that's how I'd call it. I bet you're curious.

Staying Clear of the Aftermath

I bet you're curious about all of our stories tonight. Good, go read them! Here's a big KUDOS to all of the writers and staff at the Glen Times. Thanks to Abby and Libby for their tireless hours, and Beej for her site updates and work on Port Auckland. Thanks to Marie for helping with links and well, thanks to all of you for reading.
Until next time,

Happy Trails to you!


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