Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Glen Times Update

Howdy, Ya'll!

Abby Campbell, cub reporter, here bringing you tonight's Glen Times Update.
Quite a lot going on, as usual, in this little town of ours, I tell you what! Good thing, too, seeing as how Libby and I would like to keep our jobs here. Speakin' of jobs, I heard there's someone new that's lookin' to hire on down at that new grocery the Braddock's opened. Hmm... hope she minds her own and keeps those wanderin' eyes of Jimmy (though, I must admit, a gal sure can't help admiring a fine man like that! ).

Oh, and speakin' of fine lookin' men (no, I wasn't talkin' about you, Dwayne!), seems there's a lot going on over at Bud and Marie's place. Marie's got something on her mind, but is Bud ready to talk about it yet? Hang in there, darlin'... he'll come around eventually.

Seems there was a lot of racket over at the boarding house this week, starting with Arthur and some mess with his parents. Good thing my sweetie, Colin, was on hand to help clear things up or we might be losin' a good friend here in the Glen. Like my mama always said, sometimes, you just gotta learn to let the baby birds fly on their own.

Over at Rose Cottage, seems there's might be a bit of an identity crisis going on or something... now that he's out of the hospital and in Julie's loving care, Robert suddenly feels the need to make a few changes in his appearance, as well as his name... how does Julie feel about all this, though? Hey Robin, you can swing on by my neck of the woods anytime, sweetie!

Well, that storm is still going on, it appears... read on and find out what happened with some of our residents during the big flood. Seems Jack and Bridgid had a bit of an adventure, Steve and Millie helped out a couple in need, Travis, Jan and Tee are cleaning up the mess, and Amanda and Johnny even took in a misplaced flood survivor.

Tilly, however, seems to have made out okay with the flood, though she's a bit tight lipped with Toni about it. Heh... with a guy like Hando hangin' around, not sure if I'd wanna fess up about who I'm keepin' company with, either.

Speakin' of Toni, what's this going on with her hubby, Richie? Could it be someone from his past that he's not too keen on seeing again?

Oh, talkin' about pasts... just wait til you read part two of how Kelly and that hunky musician, Nick Russell, first hooked up!

Seems to be a lot of hookin' up this week in the Glen... just wait 'til you read about my fellow cubbie, Libby, and her date with that cute new Italian chef, March. And just what does Dan think about all this?

Now, I've put off tellin' you about me and my man troubles, but... I guess I might as well get it over with. Finally got through to have a bit of chat with my hunky mechanic, Colin ... unfortunately, I had a bit of an unexpected visitor and now I got a bit more explainin' to do... sigh... and now it seems we're in for a flood!

Okay, here's your links... happy readin'...

April 22nd, 2009

Bud and Marie

The Conversation

Marie thinks it's time she and Bud talked about a very difficult subject. But will Bud think it's time?

All Her Fault

After a cold, wet walk in the rain, Bud returns to talk with Marie. What will they decide?

Melanie Brooks, Ivy & Jim Braddock and Ian

Filling the Position

Someone new arrives in the Glen tocheck out the job at Ivy's grocery. Seems the Braddocks might begiving her a home, as well as a job.

Arthur, Mr. & Mrs. Baskin, & Colin O'Brien

Cutting the Cord

Arthur's mum and dad are visitingand they're determined that Arthur is going back home with them. CanColin possibly rescue him?

Robert and Julie

Right... For Many Reasons

It's amazing what a haircut can do for a man! Julie's surprised to find Robert has almost become another man!

Just To... Be

Julie can really cook. In more ways than one! Especially when there's a handsome man around.

Colin and Abby

Let Me Explain

Abby finally gets a chance to talk to Colin about her marriage. Will he help her move on, or will he be the one to move on without her?

Abby and Dwayne Campbell

Unexpected Visitor

Someone's come to the Glen to see Abby, and he's not a very welcome guest!

Abby, Colin, and Dwayne

When it Rains, it Pours

Abby's having a very busy night! But nothing's turning out too well!

Steve and Millie

Welcome All Travelers

The flooding is forcing a lot ofpeople to abandon the road and take shelter at the inn. Steve andMillie show just how thoughtful and generous they are when a family isstranded.

Jack and Bridgid

Choices and Consequences - part 1

Will Jack and Bridgid lose the yacht to the flooding and storms? Or will something much worse than that happen?

Johnny and Amanda

Call Him Dopey

Johnny and Amanda also have taken in a victim of the flooding. He seems to be making himself right at home!

Richie and Toni

Something in the Wind

An old friend visits Richie to give him some disturbing news. Now, how will he tell Toni?

Travis, Jan and Tee

The Clean-Up Begins

Travis, Jan, and everyone else on the farm begin the process of cleaning up after the flooding. What kind of damage will they find?

March and Libby

Dinner Date

Libby has a date with March, the new chef at Andy's. Now, what could those two possibly cook up together?

Dan Evans

Stormy Weather

Having been helping the Wade ranchhands with the flooding situation, Dan Evans comes inside to a muchmore serious chore. Comparing Libby and his ex-wife!

Nick and Kelly

First Meeting, Part 2

Nick is still lost in his memories of his first meeting with Kelly. Can't sem to get her off his mind.

Hando, Tilly, and Toni

Man Trouble

That's all she wrote! Thanks a bunch to Layne for the blurbs, Bridgid for all her help and guidance, and to all the wonderful writers... couldn't do it without you! I'm off to explain a few things to my sweetie...

Catch ya'll later!

- Abby

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