Friday, April 17, 2009

Glen Times Update April 16

Hi, Glen residents and guests. This is Cub Libby, as opposed to Cub Abby. Thought I'd try to make that clear, since some people seem to have been confused by our names! Those people had better not include Colin O'Brien or March Nova, or Abby and I will have to take matters into our own hands!

But enough about Abby and me. Tonight's Times issue is a solemn one, because there's not much good news right now. The flooding is causing serious problems, maybe even injuries and deaths, so it's not much of a time for comedy. With that thought in mind, here are your links:

April 16th, 2009

Robert and Julie

A picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is an original of Sir Robert of Loxley(or is that Robin Hood) worth? If you're Julie, it's priceless!

The Portrait

Maximus, Joimus and Cort

This news is so big, it required seven parts to tell it all. Maximus, Cort, and the other men of the Meridius land battle the disaster of flood waters in the Glen. But will the battle for his land be unimportant to the General if the disaster claims his wife?

The Flood

Part 1 Autumn Anemones

Part 2 Just a Little More...

Part 3 Edge of the High Bank

Part 4 The Wetness on her Face

Part 5 Swept Along

Part 6 So we can Sleep

Part 7 What had not been Lost

Travis, Kyle, Jan and Jimmie

Egan wetblueK.jpg

The McGees are also fighting the weather, doing their best to keep both people and their cattle safe. Will Travis make it through uninjured?

An Inland Sea part 1

Winnie Peeg and Sarah McGee


The folks in the Glen aren't the only ones dealing with the flood. Miss Peeg and Travis' mother, Sarah, are trapped between Coff's Harbor and home. Will they be rescued in time?

The Botanical Flood

Toni and Richie

Someone makes it home through the flood waters--Richie Roberts. And is Toni glad to see him!

Richie makes it Home

Ivy and Ian

Ivy's Uncle Ian tries to make her see reason. She needs to take some time off from the store and deal with whatever illness is plaguing her.

Only talking Sense

Ivy and Hans Van Der Brecken

Ivy has a unique and beautiful way of bringing her father into the house she shares with Jim. His 'Rules' are both practical and touching.

House Rules

Weather Report:
will continue to be partly cloudy in the Glen, but the rain seems to have let up! Thank goodness! We'll continue to report on any injuries or damages caused by the flooding but, hopefully, the worst is over!

************ ***ENTERTAINMENT SECTION***** ********* ****

We don't do a section like this very often, but tomorrow a movie is coming out which holds a special place in Cal's heart. It's called "State of Play" and it's main character is an old-school investigative reporter, much like Cal himself! It stars an actor by the name of Russell Crowe, an Australian who's managed to make quite a name for himself in the world of cinema. All the reviews have been great, so go see it when you get a chance. And don't forget to let Cal know what you think!

Thanks to B for the uploads, Cal and Colleen for starting the paper in the first place, and all you wonderful writers and contributors who make the Glen possible!


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