Monday, April 13, 2009

Latest Glen Times Update

Hi, everyone. Libby here. Cal and Colleen are off doing Lord-knows-what (and having fun, I hope!), and I guess Abby's practicing her speech explaining her marriage to Colin (just in case he ever gives her a chance to explain), so this issue's up to me!

As usual, there's a lot going on in the Glen. We have another candidate for mayor, and you'll never guess who! Whoever it is, from the sound of things, it looks as though there'll be a lot of babies to kiss!

One of the Glen's most beloved citizens is coming home from the hospital, as is the mysterious stranger who rescued him. There's an arrest and an arson thrown into the mix too!

Get yourself a scorecard so you can keep it all straight, and then sit down and read tonight's issue!

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April 12th, 2009


Hando 20.jpg

They say fire cleanses. Tonight, Hando's trying to cleanse a part of his past. Will Tilly get caught up in the blaze?


Kim and Cara


Kim's about to meet someone new. Really new!

Introduction to the Future

Richie and Toni


With Mike having just left, Toni thinks it might be a good time to talk to Richie about a baby. But is he ready for the talk, let alone a baby?

A Pregnant Conversation

Ivy and Colleen

Colleen and Ivy finally get a chance for a talk and a lunch date. Remind me not to ever go to the restaurant they're at! It could be something in the water!

Ladies who Lunch

Jim, Ivy, Ian , Siobhan and Bud

There's an accident at the grocery store, caused by a drunk delivery driver. But is the damage all out in the open, or will there be more later?

Picking up the Perp

Bridgid, Jack and Alistair

Jack and Bridgid pay a visit to Alistair in the hospital. Seems they have ulterior motives for wanting him well. Something about a future, soon-to-be, something or other...

Two Visitors

Alistair, Maximus and Cort

Alistair's finally home at the Mill with Ahnna, his new study and his recliner. It might be a little too soon for one excited to welcome him home, though!

Welcome Home


Sid?! Running for mayor?! I honestly can't find anything else to say about this story!

Mister Harbor runs for Mayor

Robert and Julie

So, is Julie really taking Robin Hood home with her, or has she fallen off the crazy cart? Since Robert's being no help with answers, she'll have to leave it to her writer's imagination again.

In the Flesh

So there's all your news for tonight. I'll see all of you later. As I seem to be the only one on duty at the paper right now, I'm going to sit by the phone. You never know what else will happen around here!


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